Adjunct Faculty & Preceptor Information

Adjunct Faculty Appointment Process

The responsibilities of Adjunct Faculty include:

  • Offer to teaching at least two students per academic year (May - April)
  • One credit hour in the area of teaching and learning every five years
  • Attendance at the College's "New Faculty Orientation" that is approximately 2.5 hours (ACPE approved)

In order to start the Adjunct Faculty appointment process, you will need to submit the following items to:

Jonathan Llenares
Department of Pharmacotherapy
30 South 2000 East, LS Skaggs Phamacy Institute
Salt Lake City, UT 84112-5820

  • A signed, original letter of intent (please include a brief description of your interest in teaching or your teaching philosophy) addressed to:

Diana I. Brixner, PhD, RPh
Professor and Chair
Department of Pharmacotherapy
College of Pharmacy

  • Three professional letters of recommendation from health care colleagues or those in a pharmacy-related profession addressed to Dr. Brixner
  • Curriculum Vitae with the current date on the bottom
  • A completed Potential Preceptor Information Sheet
  • A copy of your professional license

Upon receipt of all seven items, your request for appointment will be reviewed at the next monthly Core Faculty Meeting. Please be advised that faculty appointments are contingent upon approval at all University levels and are effective from the date of approval through June 30 of the following year and are reviewed each spring by the Department for retention. Upon approval of your appointment from the Board of Trustees, you will receive a Letter of Notification from the President of the University.

Thank for taking an interest in the education of our students. As a preceptor, you will have the greatest impact on the future generation of pharmacists.