Department Faculty

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Regular Faculty

B.S. Pharmacy/University of Rhode Island 1982,
Ph.D. Medicinal Chemistry/University of Utah 1987

B.S.  Pharmacy/University of Kansas 1988, M.S. Hospital Pharmacy University of Minnesota 1991, Ph.D. University of Sciences Philadelphia 2009

B.S. Pharmacy/Oregon State University 1983, Pharm.D./
University of Illinois 1986 and Fellowship/Case Western Reserve University 1988

B.S. Pharmacy/University of Montana 1982, M.S./University of Minnesota 1984/
Residency (Hospital Pharmacy), Ph.D./University of Minnesota 1987

Pharm.D./University of California-San Francisco 1972 and M.P.H./
Johns Hopkins University 1982

B.S. University of Utah.  Pharm.D. University of Utah 2003.  M.S.P.H.
University of Utah 2005.  Fellowship University of Utah 2003-2005.

Research Faculty

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B.S. Chemistry/Guilford College 1978, M.S. Medical Informatics/
University of Utah 1989, Ph.D. Medical Informatics/University of Utah 1996

B.S. Chemistry/University of Connecticut 1979, Ph.D. Medicinal Chemistry/University of Utah 1985, M.B.A./Seattle University 1995

BS Computer Science, University of Utah, 2004. Ph.D. Medical Informatics, University of Utah, 2010

Doctor of Pharmacy, University of Minnesota, Duluth, Minnesota 2009. B.S. Biotechnology, Saint Cloud State University, Saint Cloud, Minnesota 1999. 

Ph.D./Epidemiology, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Denistry, Rochester, NY 2010. B.S. Microbiology University of Rochester College of Arts and Sciences, Rochester, NY 2004.

Clinical Faculty

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  • Daniel M. Witt, PharmD, FCCP, BCPS Vice Chair and Professor (Clinical)

B.S. Pharmacy/Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science 1982, Pharm.D./University of Texas 1984, Fellowship/University of Maryland 1985 and M.S.P.H./University of Utah 1994

B.S. Pharmacy/Oregon State University 1995, Pharm.D./University of Utah 1997, Residency/University of Washington 1998

Pharm.D., Virginia Commonwealth University 2010. Residency, University of Washington Medicine 2010-12, B.S./Biochemistry, University of Virginia 2006.

Pharm.D./Virginia Commonwealth University School of Pharmacy 2006

B.S. Pharmacy/University of Maryland 1979, Pharm.D./University of Maryland 1981

B.S. Pharmacy/University of Montana 1982, Pharm.D./University of Utah 1985, Residency Salt Lake VA (Geriatrics) 1986, Fellowship (Infectious Diseases)/UCLA 1987

  • Jim Ruble, PharmD, JD, - Associate Professor (Clinical)

B.S. Biology/University of Utah 1989; B.S. Pharmacy/University of Utah 1992;
PharmD/University of Utah 1994, J.D./University of Utah 2002

B.A. Psychology-Chemistry/University of Texas at Austin 1968, M.S.Biology-Chemistry, East Texas State University 1970, B.S. Pharmacy/University of Utah 1986, PharmD/University of Utah 1988, Residency (Geriatrics)/ Salt Lake VA 1989

Doctor of Pharmacy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2000 – 2004. B.S. in Chemistry, Brigham Young University, 1994 – 2000.

B.S. Pharmacy/University of Utah 1978, Residency (Hospital Pharmacy)/ University of Nebraska Medical Center, Pharm.D./University of Utah 1981

Pharm.D./Idaho State University 1995, Primary Care Specialty Residency/Idaho State University 1996

Adjunct Faculty

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Ph.D./Health Services Research, Texas A&M University 2012. M.B.A., Willamette University 1999. B.S., University of Utah 1997.

Ph.D./Psychology, University of Otago (New Zealand) 1993. M.S., University of Otago 1987. B.Sc. University of Otago 1984.

M.S./Hospital Pharmacy Administration, University of Montana 1988. B.S., University of Montana 1977.

Pharm.D., University of Florida 1979. B.S., University of Florida 1973.