College of Pharmacy

Doctor of Pharmacy Immunization Requirements

Prior to starting the Professional Program the following immunizations need to be completed (the Hepatitis B needs to be completed by the end of the first professional semester).

Required Immunizations

Vaccine  Dose  Frequency  Comments 
Tetanus  One booster  Every 10 years   
Perstussis  One booster  Once  Pertussis booster can be given with the tetanus booster.
If tetanus booster was more than 2 years and pertussis
was more than five years ago, obtain a one time
combined tetanus-pertussis booster. 
Hepatitis B  Three doses @ 0, 1-2,
4-6 months 
Once  Must be completed by the end of the first semester. 
MMR  Two doses after 12 mos. of age
given 1 month apart if after 1970 
Once  If after 1957, another dose of MMR required.
Before 1957 is considered immune. 
PPD (Tb) skin test  One  Annually   If PPD is positive, then a copy of most recent chest
x-ray is required. If BCG was used, bring in documentation. 
Varicella (Chicken pox)  Two doses  Once  Immunity must be proved by providing age
when you had the disease, or documentation
of a positive antibody test. 
Influenza*  One  Annually  Recommended all for clerkships in an institutional setting.