Student Organization Officers


President Jeff Sperry
President-Elect Sonny Lui
VP of Public Relations Alex Watanabe 
VP of Membership Alex Watanabe 
Treasurer Ryan Ingle 
Treasurer-Elect Michael Stapley 
Secretary Robbie Gurr 
Historian Ngan Huynh 
Gala Co-Director Amanda Mateer 
Gala Co-Director Sweta Patel 


President Kevin Lawrence 
President-Elect Lydia McKay 
Secretary Calvin Jahng 
Treasurer Taylor Hansen 
Historian Min-Jee Goh 


President Chad Adamovich 
President-Elect Hannah Christensen 


President Hillary Parkin 
President-Elect Jonathan Sandoval 
Student Liason Chelsea Lam 
Treasurer Sonny Lui 
Secretary Chelsea Carr 


President Mikayla Mills 
President-Elect Keith Keddington 
Communications VP Ashley Tran 
Finance VP Angela Cheung 
Patient Care VP Taylor Eno 
Policy VP Michael Stapley 
Generation Rx Chair Reaghan Erickson 
Operation Diabetes Chair Ngan Huynh 
Operation Heart Chair Malinda Tan 
Operation Immunization Chair Cathy Yao 
OTC Medicine Safety Chair Taylor Wood 
Rural Outreach Co-Chair Ben Ham 
Rural Outreach Co-Chair Kacey Hutchinson 


President Sydney Olson 
President-Elect KC Winter 


President Kelsey Lockwood 
President-Elect Cole Chambers 


President Andy Lyuh 
President-Elect Young Hong 
Secretary Taylor Wood 
Treasurer Eric Wu 
Historian Young Hong 


President Steph Byrne 
President-Elect Taylor Drowne 

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