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Department of Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry
College of Pharmacy
301 Skaggs Hall
30 South 2000 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84112
phone: (801) 581-7831
fax: (801) 581-3674


Research Facilities

The Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry occupies approximately 24,000 square feet of space in the College of Pharmacy and two nearby locations, all proximal to the Health Sciences Center and Health Sciences Library.

Research ParkOne of these locations is the Biomedical Polymers Research Building, housing the Center for Controlled Chemical Delivery. All department space is well equipped for graduate research, containing facilities for chemical synthesis, cell culture, and small-animal surgery, as well as cold rooms, darkrooms, modern computer facilities, several shared instrument rooms, offices, and conference rooms.

Instrumentation available within the department includes chromatography (HPLC, CE, FPLC, GLC) scintillation counters, spectrometers (UV/VIS, UV/VIS/NIR, fluorescence, FTIR), calorimetry, quasielastic light scattering, lyophilization, and confocal microscopy. Researchers have ready access to NMR mass spectrometry services including MALDI, GC/MS and LC/MS in the University Core Facilities SEM, EM, XPS, SPR, and scanning force microscopy services.