Research Group of Dr. Sung Wan Kim

Welcome to the home page of Prof. Sung Wan Kim's research group at the University of Utah.  We are located on the upper campus of the University of Utah south of the Medical Center on the east bench of the Salt Lake City Valley.  There are many graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and scholars in the group who are doing research in diverse areas including gene delivery and protein drug delivery among others.  Please feel free to read about the research we are doing and our publications.

Contact Information


  • (801) 581-6801 (Prof. Kim)
  • (801) 581-6654 (CCCD Office)
  • (801) 581-7013 (Lab 249)
  • (801) 581-7292 (Lab 256/259)


  • (801) 581-7848

Postal Address

    University of Utah

    Center for Controlled Chemical Delivery

    20 S 2030 E BPRB Rm 205

    Salt Lake City, UT  84112



    General Information:

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