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A Message from Prof. Kopecek

Welcome to our home page. Our Biomedical Polymers Laboratory is located in the Biomedical Polymers Research Building on the campus of the University of Utah. We are associated with the Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Department of Bioengineering, Center for Controlled Chemical Delivery, Nano Institute of Utah, and Huntsman Cancer Institute. These wide interactions and associations result partially from my joint appointments, but mainly from my strong belief that the future of science is in the interdisciplinary approach to hypotheses design and problem solving.

Graduate students from the Departments of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Bioengineering, and Material Science and Engineering are working on their M.S. and Ph.D. research projects in my laboratory. Please, feel free to contact me by e-mail (Jindrich.Kopecek@utah.edu) if you are interested in one of our research projects.

We are an international group. Postdoctoral research associates and graduate students from different countries work on diverse research projects. The combination of graduate students, research faculty and postdoctoral fellows provides an exciting environment where teaching goals can be effectively achieved.

Thank you for your visit and interest.

Our Research

The main thrust of our research is the study of relationships between the structure of synthetic macromolecules and their biorecognition by living tissue. We are studying tailor-made synthetic macromolecules which mimic structures developed by Mother Nature. Biocompatible conjugates are being evaluated as targetable delivery systems for anticancer and antiinflammatory drugs, as protein delivery systems, and new biomaterials. This interdisciplinary approach involves synthetic and physical chemistry, molecular engineering, pharmaceutics, and molecular biology.

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Contact us: 20 S 2030 E , BPRB Rm 205 Center for Controlled Chemical Delivery University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah 84112 Tel: 801-581-6654 FAX 801-581-7848

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