Past Publications

2014 Publications

  • H. Yin, H.C. Kang, K.M. Huh, Y.H. Bae, Effects of cholesterol incorporation on the physicochemical, colloidal, and biological characteristics of pH-sensitive AB2 miktoarm polymer-based polymersomes, Colloid and Surface B, 2014, 116C, 128-137.               
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  • H.S. Hwang, J. Hu, K. Na, Y.H. Bae, The role of polymeric endosomolytic agent in gene transfection: A comparative study of poly(L-lysine)s grafted with L-histidine analogue and poly(L-histidine), Biomacromol, 2014, 15(10), 3577-3586.
  • Peng Zhao, Shuyun Dong, Jayanta Bhattacharyya, and Mingnan Chen (2014). iTEP Nanoparticle-Delivered  Salinomycin Displays an Enhanced Toxicity to Cancer Stem Cells in Orthotopic Breast Tumors. Mol Pharm.
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2013 Publications

  • DL Stirland, JW Nichols, S Miura, YH Bae
    Mind the gap: A survey of how cancer drug carriers are susceptible to the gap between research and practice
    Journal of Controlled Release 172 (3), 1045-1064
  • pH-responsive and charge shielded cationic micelle of poly(l-histidine)-block-short branched PEI for acidic cancer treatment
    J Hu, S Miura, K Na, YH Bae
  • Journal of Controlled Release 172 (1), 69-76
    H Yim, S Park, YH Bae, K Na
    Biodegradable cationic nanoparticles loaded with an anticancer drug for deep penetration of heterogeneous tumours
    Biomaterials 34 (31), 7674-7682
  • L Tian, HC Kang, YH Bae
    Endosomolytic reducible polymeric electrolytes for cytosolic protein delivery
    Biomacromolecules 14 (8), 2570-2581
  • HS Hwang, HC Kang, YH Bae
    Bioreducible Polymers As a Determining Factor for Polyplex Decomplexation Rate and Transfection
    Biomacromolecules 14 (2), 548-556
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