Adjunct Faculty Benefits

All benefits listed below are based on your obtaining a University ID Card, known as the "UCard".  After receiving your official letter of appointment signed by the University President, you will be eligible for the UCard.  You may obtain a UCard from one of their locations (225 Union Bldg or the University Hospital Cafeteria).

A University of Utah Department of Pharmacotherapy Auxiliary Volunteer Faculty appointment entitles you to the following benefits upon presentation of your UCard:

  • Reduction in tuition fees for credit and non-credit classes (excluding lab fees) one year from the date of appointment, on a space available basis for you and/or your spouse, with the exception of certain DCE classes.  Reduced tuition is determined by the University of Utah Benefits Office.

  • The privilege to buy a parking permit: "U" permits are annually.  Fee parking is available at various locations on campus.  Please see the Commuter Services website at for a detailed map.  That office is located at 1901 East South Campus Drive.  The telephone number is (801) 581-6415.  The e-mail address is:

  • Free or reduced admission to concerts, lectures, and other programs on campus.

  • Privileges at the library include access to all University library facilities.

  • Reduced season rates for theatrical presentations and athletic events.

  • A discount of 10% on most items purchases from the University Bookstore (does not include textbooks, computers/software).

  • Use of University indoor recreational facilities (for a fee) which include:  swimming pools, gymnasiums, hand and racquetball courts, saunas, and other facilities available to you and your family members.  There is a nominal family charge for locker and towel services.

  • Use of facilities (for a fee) which include: tennis, touch football, softball, soccer, lacrosse, and archery.

  • Use of the Olpin Union Building features which include: dining facilities, bowling alleys, table tennis, billiards, chess and card areas.

  • You and eligible family members may join the University of Utah Credit Union.  The Credit Union offers attractive interest rates on savings as well as low interest rates on borrowed money. Members can also apply for accidental death insurance.

  • Designated College of Pharmacy sponsored Continuing Education programs are available at a discounted charge.  Also, faculty members receive one CE certificate per academic year for each student precepted.  These certificates are to be signed by faculty preceptors and distributed to other licensed non-faculty preceptors teaching students.

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact Jonathat Llenares, Administrative Assistant for the Department of Pharmacotherapy.  His direct telephone number is (801) 585-3092.

Your interests in the College of Pharmacy, and participation in the college educational programs, including the Professional Experience Program, are appreciated. 

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