College of Pharmacy Continuing Education

New Policy

University of Utah College of Pharmacy Continuing Education – Continuing Education Credit Policy as of September 30, 2015
The University Of Utah College Of Pharmacy has adopted the policy suggested by ACPE.

If the participant turned in their information correctly and on time but a technical issue arises such as the coordinator was out of the office, or other technological related issue, the University of Utah College of Pharmacy (UUCoP) will accommodate for the participant(s) certification. However, if the participant neglects to turn in their ePID or Date of Birth correctly on the required registration material, then the UUCoP will not award participant credit beyond the 60-day deadline. The 60-day deadline extends from the date of any live event to coincide with the 60-day deadline automatically set by ACPE.

The UUCoP views providing required ePID and Date of Birth the participant’s responsibility. Extenuating circumstances do happen and the UUCoP will try to work with ACPE to get those participant’s credit through the CPE Monitor system, however it is the UUCoP final call, not the participants to decide if credit will be awarded and reserves the right to refuse to make an accommodation.

Please note: Any unclaimed credit from July 1st, 2014 and previous is no longer valid and cannot be claimed