Executive Committee Duties


Dean, College of Pharmacy

Randall Peterson, Ph.D.


  • Provide strategic direction for the College relating to its three central missions—education, research, and clinical care.
  • Prioritize the innovative, responsible, and respectful training of pharmacy students, fellows, and research trainees, and ensure that their training meets the needs of the changing health care landscape.
  • Lead the college’s efforts to discover, develop, and disseminate new therapeutics, including the optimization of medication choices for individual patients.
  • Develop a clear financial map for the college and ensure its financial sustainability through effective fundraising, budgeting, and financial management.
  • Recruit and retain outstanding, diverse faculty and promote their development as scholars, educators, clinicians, and leaders.
  • Establish practices and policies that enable students, staff, and faculty to work in a safe, secure environment.
  • Represent the College by actively participating in professional and community activities at the local, regional, and national level.
  • Promote the effective collaboration of the College of Pharmacy with other departments and colleges at the University.
  • Create an environment that encourages excellence, innovation, and inclusion.


Executive Associate Dean, Professional Education

James Herron, Ph.D.


  • Substitutes for the Dean as needed and completes assignments assigned by the Dean.
  • Coordinates and evaluates all professional programs in the College, including the Pharm.D. degree and Pharm.D./Ph.D. pathway in conjunction with the Curriculum Committee.
  • Works strategically and tactically with the Dean and other members of the Executive Committee to promote and implement the College’s missions and strategic plan in the area of professional education.
  • As a member of the Executive Committee in the College, keeps the Dean and all members of the Executive Committee informed of any matters that significantly impact Professional Education.
  • Oversees “Group B” Committees including: Admissions, Assessment, Awards & Financial Aid, Curriculum, Experiential Education, Inclusion, Learning & Teaching, PharmD Projects, and Scholastic Standards.
  • Manages areas that cut across professional and graduate education, such as instructional technology, distance education, programmatic expansion, and assessment.
  • Works with the Dean to oversee the budgeting and accounting for the Professional Program, including budget planning, management, and approval of expenditures for the Tuition Differential Account budget.
  • Provides oversight to Student Affairs staff activities, including admissions, advising, recruitment and affirmative action, curriculum, community-engaged learning, scholastic standards, and awards and financial aid, as well as maintenance of student records. This includes activities of the Associate Director for Student Services, the Senior Web Designer, the IT Project Manager, and their respective staff members.
  • Provides oversight for the Experiential Education Program (EEP). This includes activities of the Assistant Dean for Clinical Affairs, the Assistant Dean for Experiential Education, and the Experiential Education staff.
  • Works closely with the Associate Dean for IPE/Assessment to ensure appropriate development of IPE experiences for the Professional Program, as well as development and implementation of assessments necessary to document compliance with accreditation standards and excellence of the Professional PharmD program.
  • Works closely with the Associate Dean for Community Engagement to ensure appropriate development and oversight of co-curricular activities.
  • Provides guidance in the development of international strategic partnerships involving education or student training/service within the professional program
  • Assigns faculty committee appointments annually in consultation with the Dean, the Executive Associate Dean for Research/Graduate Education, and the Associate Dean for Faculty.
  • Serves as the College’s liaison with the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy on all matters relating to the professional program.
  • Establishes a culture of innovation in program design, research, and teaching.


Executive Associate Dean, Research

Darrell Davis, Ph.D.


  • Substitute for the Dean, as required
  • Serve as the chief research officer in the College and provide oversight for the Office for Research and Graduate Biomedical Education programs
  • Work strategically and tactically with the Dean and other members of the Executive Committee to promote and implement the College’s missions and all aspects of the College’s strategic plan
  • As a member of the Executive Committee, keep the Dean and all members of the Executive Committee informed of any matters that significantly impact the Research and Graduate Biomedical Education missions
  • Work with the Dean to oversee the budgeting and accounting for the Office for Research, as well as other initiatives supporting the Research Mission of the College and Biomedical Graduate Training
  • Ensure that the School’s research program is compliant with all School, University, and state and federal policies
  • Ensure that the School’s research infrastructure remains strong to support its research enterprise
  • Provide oversight of all major research centers/institutes in the College of Pharmacy
  • Manage conflict of interests relating to faculty, students/trainees, and staff engaged in research
  • Work effectively with the Dean in matters relating to grant and contract submissions, facilities, space utilization, faculty recruitment, and research-and-graduate-program-specific budgets
  • Develop and foster research and training partnerships with internal and external scientific entities, including other Schools/Colleges/Initiatives at the University and external funding agencies and pharmaceutical and biotech companies.
  • Serve as the School’s liaison with American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy on all matters relating to research and graduate education
  • Additional Responsibilities of the EADR
  • Coordinates Undergraduate Research Fellowships (UROP) reviews for the College. Evaluates COP undergraduate researchers for annual “Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher” Award. Attends annual awards banquet.
  • Chairs the COP Seminar Program committee. Oversees the COP seminar schedule and supervises the PhD student weekly Research in Progress presentations.
  • Supervises the Directors of Graduate Studies (DOGS) for the COP. Provides for appropriate management and advice for PhD students and enforcement of Departmental graduate student policies.
  • Chairs the selection committee for the Skaggs Research Fellowships and Kuramoto Graduate Fellowships.


Associate Dean, Pharmacy Practice

Linda Tyler, PharmD


  • Developing and sustaining excellent pharmacy services that then provide the platform for outstanding student experiences.
  • Providing strong preceptor development programs to support student and resident experiential rotations, didactic teaching, career development, and research projects.
  • Developing opportunities for faculty to practice in the system.
  • Managing the credentialing and privileging process.
  • Supporting projects and research that improve patient care and pharmacy operations.
  • Serving as co-coordinator for MS program in Health System Pharmacy Administration.


Associate Dean, Interprofessional Education and Assessment

Don Blumenthal, Ph.D.


Interprofessional Education (IPE)

  • Coordinate IPE activities that involve College students and faculty including courses and co-curricular activities
  • Represent the College on the IPE Program Executive Committee
  • Provide the College Curriculum Committee with information and advice regarding implementation of IPE in the PharmD curriculum
  • Ensure that the IPE activities meet accreditation standards
  • Participate in IPE course development and implementation to ensure that PharmD students receive high quality experiences
  • Recruit College faculty to participate as IPE facilitators
  • Ensure that the College provides sufficient numbers of IPE facilitators to support the IPE program
  • Support and track the participation of students in interprofessional co-curricular activities


  • Chair the College Assessment Committee
  • Coordinate programmatic assessment of the College’s various missions with particular emphasis on the PharmD curriculum
  • Ensure that assessment activities meet accreditation standards
  • Create Assessment Committee reports and recommendations based on periodic electronic surveys of students, faculty, employers, and alumni
  • Ensure that Assessment Committee reports and recommendations are distributed in a timely manner to appropriate stakeholders including the College Executive Committee, Curriculum Committee, and other standing committees
  • Participate in College Curriculum Committee meetings to ensure that Assessment reports and recommendations are discussed and implemented to the extent possible
  • Meet with assessment directors from regional peer institutions (state-supported colleges of pharmacy) to share best practices and assessment data
  • Coordinate periodic joint Assessment-Curriculum Committee meetings to identify aspects of the PharmD curriculum needing additional assessment activities
  • Assist with electronic survey data collection for other College committees as needed


Associate Dean, Community Engagement

Karen Gunning, PharmD, BCPS


  • Lead the college in development of a strategic plan for the advancement of the pharmacy profession in our local community, state, and nation.
  • Assume leadership of all aspects of the college’s Continuing Education program, including programming, accreditation, and financial management.
  • Develop a plan for oversight and development of Adjunct Faculty within the college, especially those functioning as preceptors, project mentors, and lecturers.
  • In collaboration with the college’s director of advancement and with the dean, develop and implement a strategic plan for enhancing alumni relationships with the college.
  • Provide oversight of student and faculty volunteer activities in the community, including at free clinics and community events.


Associate Dean, Faculty

William Crowley, Ph.D.


  • Primarily responsible for coordinating and overseeing evaluations for retention, promotion, and tenure and tenured faculty reviews of the tenure-line faculty at the College.
  • Remains current on University of Utah regulations regarding retention, promotion and tenure and reviews of tenured faculty, ensures college-wide conformity, and serves as a resource on RPT issues for departments and faculty
  • Remains current on University of Utah regulations regarding career-line faculty and serves as a resource on these issues for departments and faculty
  • Ensures that all RPT and tenured faculty reviews occur on a timely basis
  • Serves as a liaison with department chairs for reviews of faculty
  • Chairs the annual College RPT Committee (CRPTAC) and Tenured Faculty Review Committees
  • Constructs summary letters for CRPTAC and Review of Tenured Faculty Committee proceedings for candidate’s files.


Associate Dean, College Affairs

Mark Munger, PharmD, FCCP


The Associate Dean for College Affairs reports directly to the Dean of the University of Utah College of Pharmacy. The position oversees the College meeting all Accreditation Council of Pharmacy Education Accreditation (ACPE) Standards, including administrative, curricula, and faculty standards, writes the College Self-Study document every 8 years, and responds to requests for information from ACPE. In addition, the position provides historical, current, and future guidance to the Dean, as requested.


Assistant Dean, Experiential Education

Krystal Moorman, PharmD


  • Develop an ambitious and progressive plan for experiential education within the college that will enable the program to become a recognized area of excellence for the college.
  • Oversee coordination of introductory (IPPE) and advanced professional experience (APPE) programs.
  • Recruit and develop new experiential sites that provide diverse and attractive experiences for our students.
  • Mentor students regarding site selection and performance on experiential rotations.
  • Maintain academic standards associated with experiential education consistent with ACPE accreditation standards.
  • Coordinate preceptor development activities.
  • Provide leadership for Experiential Education Department Staff.


Assistant Dean, Clinical Affairs

Dan Witt, PharmD, FCCP, BCPS


  • Responsible for development, administration, and management of the College of Pharmacy’s Clinical Services Mission.
  • As a member of the Executive Committee in the College, keeps the Dean and all members of the Executive Committee informed of any matters significantly impacting the Clinical Services Mission
  • Establishes a culture of clinical practice innovation that aligns with and supports the College’s Research and Educational Missions
  • Serves as the College’s liaison with residency programs supported financially by the College
  • Supports the Department of Pharmacotherapy Chair and Associate Dean, Pharmacy Practice in advocating for clinical faculty members in issues under consideration by the College Executive Committee
  • Works with the Executive Associate Dean, Professional Education to oversee the budgeting and accounting for the residency programs supported by the College and other initiatives related to the College’s Clinical Services Mission 


Assistant Dean, Finance & Administration

Jennifer Aoyagi Bangerter, Ed.D.


  • Oversee and organize the College of Pharmacy budget by reviewing and approving expenditures on the various College accounts, monitoring costs, and managing the personnel salary resources of the College.
  • Contribute to the collective decision-making and strategic planning of the College. 
  • Assume responsibility for planning and preparation of the College of Pharmacy’s annual budget.
  • Work collaboratively with Department Chairs and administrative support who are responsible for departmental budgets. Work with department administration, account executives and project principal investigators to make sure the monthly Evidence of Review (EOR) is completed within thirty days of month end close.
  • Serve as a liaison between the College and other University departments and offices such as the Office of the Senior Vice President for Health Sciences, Human Resources, Office of Sponsored Projects, Research Accounting, General Accounting, Campus Design, Plant Operations, Personnel, Payroll, Parking Services, Facilities Management, IT, etc.
  • Maintain effective relationships and facilitate ongoing communication within and between college and university divisions and departments.

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