Jane Fujinami | Computer Technician

fujinamiContact Information:

30 South 2000 East, Rm 4
Salt Lake City, UT 84112
Email: cpcss@pharm.utah.edu





Job Description 

Provides computer support by troubleshooting and correcting problems with computer hardware or software applications.

  • Serves as a help desk resource for the College of Pharmacy
  • Requests, maintains user accounts
    • Active Directory, network devices, maintain Network Shares, Group access etc., create/unlock user accounts
    • Epic and Power Chart, VPN, UTRAC and other applications
  • Set up and support of networked devices
    • setup new computers, rebuild old ones.
    • support hand held devices, tablets, IPhones, smart phones, and other wireless devices
    • act as primary Apple computer support for the College of Pharmacy
    • maintain Taskforce computers and laptops in COP Room 216 computer lab and the HSEB COP Lounge
  • Install software for faculty, staff and students
    • be familiar with Windows, MAC OS, Offices suites and other basic software, make recommendations, assist with purchasing, assist with installation and configuration per U of U specifications
  • Maintain active email accounts
    • create alias for new College of Pharmacy users, assist with size of mailbox, unlock accounts, maintaining distribution lists for Dean's Office
  • Set up printers reserve
    • IP addresses for the printer and install at applicable workstations
  • Data recovery and/or backup
  • Information security
    • follow HIPPA guidelines, respond to security violations
    • safely dispose of and surplus obsolete hardware
  • Provide networking support
    • request ports to be enabled, cabling, replace hardware such as fans in the switches, etc.

Updated: March, 2016

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