Amy Barrios has been selected as a 2015 Teva Scholar
Aug 05, 2015

Amy Barrios

We are very excited to announce that Amy Barrios has been selected as a 2015 Teva Scholar! The Teva Pharmaceuticals Scholars program is administered by the ACS Office of Research Grants. The program is a philanthropic grant program ... Read More

May 25, 2015

Local Pharmacy in the future

How might your neighborhood pharmacy be different five or ten years from now? Dr. Mike Feehan, visiting professor in the College of Pharmacy at the University of Utah talks about how one day, you may be more likely to visit your local pharmacist for routine acute care than you would your doctor.... Read More

Dave Grainger Awarded Two Lectures
Jan 07, 2015

Dave Grainger Awarded Two Lectures

Dave Grainger (Eccles Presidential Chair of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry was recently awarded two named lectures: 1) the “Dr. K.T. Dholakia” oration, “Challenges in translating antimicrobial technologies to orthopedic implants”, as part of the Bombay ... Read More

Jun 04, 2014


Please join us in congratulating Carrie McAdam-Marx, Brandon Jennings, Mukul Singhal, and Karen Gunning on the publication of the research in JMCP.... Read More

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