Maliheh Student Run Free Clinic

Mission Statement: Maliheh Free Clinic seeks to improve the quality of life in the Greater Salt Lake Area by providing free medical services for uninsured and low-income individuals and families to help reverse the cycle of poverty and suffering created by poor health.

The Maliheh Free Clinic offers a great learning environment for students as they are able to work within an interprofessional team (Pharm, PA, NP, Med) to workup patients presenting for their first clinic visit. As medication experts, the pharmacy student volunteers are responsible for obtaining an accurate home medication list, immunization history, and allergy history. Students are also given the opportunity to provide immunizations to those patients that consent. After an initial visit with the patient, the students share their impression and formulate a plan of action with the clinic preceptors, which is then shared with the patient as they establish care with the clinic. 


Student Officers

McKayla Poulsen
Jeremy Tigh
Katherine (KC) Winter
Benjamin Ham

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