Utah Student Pharmacist Alliance (USPA)

Utah Student Pharmacist Alliance is a local umbrella organization that provides student programming for our entire student body and supports all of our national organization local chapters. The purpose of USPA is to foster the professional development of student pharmacists; to enhance learning of the pharmaceutical sciences; to promote career development and opportunity awareness; and to facilitate cooperation and integration among the various student pharmacist organizations at the University of Utah.


To promote the pharmacy profession and the role of the pharmacist in the American health care system.

To provide information to students about career options in all areas of pharmacy including: hospital and health systems; chain store; community and independent; government and armed services; pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution; managed care; and academic and educational.

To encourage student involvement in national and state professional pharmacy organizations and to encourage students to remain involved in these organizations after graduation.

To sponsor and organize educational and service programs to strengthen students clinical knowledge, professional, business and leadership abilities.

To educate the public about health care issues and the pharmacists role in providing services to manage and control these issues.

To promote pharmaceutical research and the acquisition and dissemination of new pharmacy based knowledge.

Student Executive Committee

President: Jonathan Magness

President Elect: Emmeline Tran

Treasurer: Rico Haftmann

Historian: Kami Roake

Secretary: Angela Green

Vice President Membership: Adrienne Duarte

Vice President Public Relations: Gary Huynh

Vice President Student Affairs: Kyle Turner

UU-AMCP Chapter President: Dianna Slater

UU-AMCP Chapter President Elect: Erin Gellis

APhA-ASP Chapter President: Emily Turley

APhA-ASP Chapter President Elect: Eve Van Wagoner

ASHP-SSHP Chapter President:  Lisa Kallas

ASHP-SSHP Chapter President Elect: Laura Sower

UU-NCPA Chapter President: Tyler Gilson

UU-NCPA Chapter President Elect: Cole Sloan

Nominated Officers

Outreach Coordinator: Kate Walter 

First Year Liaison: Halee Namanny

HSSC Class of 2012: Marilyn Redd

HSSC Class of 2013: Nick Estrada

HSSC Class of  2014: Jonathan Newbold

HSSC Class of  2014: TBA

Faculty Advisors

Brandon Jennings, PharmD

Dave Young, PharmD

Diana Brixner, RPh, PHD

Karen Gunning, PharmD

Marion Lennberg, Professional Program Coordinator

Sarah Feddema, Pharm D, BCPS

Constitution & Bylaws

Ratified September 29th, 2010

Student Chapters

Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy

Academy of Student Pharmacists

Student Society of Health Systems Pharmacists

National Community Pharmacists Association

State Organizations

Utah Pharmacists Association

Utah Society of Health-System Pharmacists

National Organizations

Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy

American Pharmacists Association

American Society of Health System Pharmacists

National Community Pharmacists Association