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Nathaniel Cordova Receives Scholarship From SACNAS

Oct 27, 2014

Nathaniel Cordova Receives Scholarship From SACNAS

Nathaniel Cordova, a Hispanic student in the Class of 2018 at the College of Pharmacy, began researching with Dr. Mario Alburges, Diversity Committee Chair and Research Associate Professor from the Pharmacology and Toxicology Department, three years ago.  They study the role of neuropeptides in mediating the effects of drug of abuse on rat CNS, and together with a team of other researchers, they published a paper on, “Responses of the Rat Basal Ganglia Neurotensin Systems to Low Doses of Methamphetamine.”  Conference coordinators awarded Nathaniel with an all-expenses paid scholarship to present the paper at this year’s SACNAS Conference (Society for the Advancement of Chicos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science) in Los Angeles.

Nathaniel came through the LEAP program here at the University of Utah where Dr. Carolyn Bliss, PhD connected him with Dr. Alburges years ago.  Nathaniel credits the LEAP program with advising him to take a library research class where he met Alfred Mowdood. Nathaniel took the class and then after TAing for Mr. Mowdood, Nathaniel was asked to be part of a marketing campaign for Imagine U.  Nathaniel’s poster can be found all over the U campus. We are proud to have Nathaniel in our Class of 2018!

Nathaniel Cordova in front of poster
Nathaniel Cordova with professor
Nathaniel Cordova Imagine U flier