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PLS & Rho Chi Induction Ceremony 2018

Sep 21, 2018

PLS & Rho Chi Induction Ceremony 2018

Rho Chi Induction and Phi Lambda Sigma - Alpha Chi Chapter Induction took place on Wednesday, September 19, 2018. Congratulations to all of our amazing students who have worked hard to distinguish themselves as leaders within the College of Pharmacy and elsewhere!

Phi Lambda Sigma is an honorary society (not fraternity) that recognizes leaders, and fosters leadership to enhance the profession of pharmacy. To read about the new members and what leadership means to them, click here. Listed students are newly inducted members of the Phi Lambda Sigma who have demonstrated exemplary leadership, moral standards, and ethical values:

Alex Watanabe

Ashley Tran

Chris Khong

Hillary Parkin

Keith Keddington

Michael Stapley

Ngan Huynh

Peter Chad Adamovich

Presley Whetman

Shannon Tuttle

Sweta Patel

Taylor Eno

PLS and Rho Chi Induction Ceremony

Rho Chi is an academic honor society in pharmacy. Membership in The Rho Chi Society is a privilege accorded to the very few who distinguish themselves by their academic and professional achievements and who aspire to the mission and vision of the Society. These students sit at the top of the class academically. Listed below are the newly induced members:

Taylor Eno

David Ahlmer Gillins

Savannah Goodrich Hansen

Calvin Michael Jahng

Cassidy Melissa Jennings

Lydia McKay

Jeffrey Sperry

Taylor Katelyn Wood

Cole William Chambers

Sean Christensen

Kelsey Brown

McKayla Poulson

Keith Keddington