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Rural Outreach Trip to Blanding, Utah

Oct 11, 2018

Rural Outreach Trip to Blanding, Utah

A group of our PharmD students recently took a Rural Outreach Trip to Blanding, Utah. PharmD Class of 2021 student, Simi Kaur, reflects on her trip below:

"Blue Mountain Hospital located in Blanding, Utah serves the people of San Juan county. Located six hours south of Salt Lake City, the hospital provides services ranging from Emergency Care to Dialysis to Obstetrics. Andy Bayles and Tyler Gilson are 2 out of the 5 pharmacists employed at Blue Mountain and were our amazing preceptors during our outreach trip. The pharmacists are an integral part of the health care team at Blue Mountain. The patients and physicians know that they can always count on their pharmacists to assists them with their medical needs. Through direct patient care, Andy and Tyler have built long term relationships with their patients and have created strong sense of community between the pharmacists and the patient's at Blue Mountain Hospital.

I was 1 out of the 7 students from the UUCOP to attend the rural outreach trip to Blanding. I headed to Blanding with the thought that I'd get to sharpen my immunizations skills and visit Southern Utah but left with a completely different view about rural pharmacy practices.

I was able to administer influenza vaccinations to patients in Blue Mountain's Dialysis Center. Tyler, the pharmacist, gave me a tour of the dialysis center and explained what leads patients to eventually begin dialysis, what components there are of a dialysis machine, and how pharmacist specifically work with dialysis patients to provide them with optimal care. In my therapeutics course, we had completed our nephrology module just 2 weeks prior to the trip. Being able to learn about dialysis, visit a dialysis center, and interact with patients on dialysis truly enhanced my education by bringing my knowledge full circle.

I truly believe this is the beauty of actively participating in student organizations and the opportunities through APhA and our various student organizations at the UUCOP are endless."

student giving shot to child
students outside hospital
student giving child a lollipop
student giving child a shot