APPE Description

The final professional year consists of seven advanced pharmacy practice experiences in a variety of pharmacy practices. The emphasis is becoming proficient in direct patient care and problem-solving skills. In addition, students complete a medical information retrieval clerkship as one of the required seven experiences.

APPE objectives, assignments, and evaluations are based on the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education Standards.

APPE Rotation Types

  • Acute Care
  • Advanced Community
  • Advanced Health-Systems
  • Ambulatory Care
  • Clinical Information Services (CIS)
  • Elective – any category except CIS
  • One of the scheduled rotations during the IPPE or APPE year is required to be in a rural setting (see map of rural areas)

APPE Duration

They are each six weeks in length and require a minimum of 240 hours. The total clock hours required for all 7 APPE rotations is 1680 hours.

APPE Grading

    Grade/Point Scale
    Students receive a letter grade for each rotation.
    The grading rubric uses a five-point grading scale.  An average of points received on the rubric will have the following grades:
    4.67 to 5.00     A
    4.34 to 4.66    A-
    4.00 to 4.33    B+
    3.67 to 3.99    B
    3.34 to 3.66    B-
    3.00 to 3.33    C+
    Students who achieve less than 3 as an average will receive a grade less than C+.  Students who receive less than C+ will be required to repeat a clerkship in the same category as the failed rotation.

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