Tips for a Successful Rotation

  • Show up each day on time, prepared, dressed appropriately
  • On time=  you’ve had your breakfast and morning beverage, your personal belongings are put away, your ID and lab coat are on, you have your pen, notepad, patient information in your hands, you have already gone to the bathroom, and you are standing in place ready to receive instruction or start working at the previously agreed upon time.
  • Prepare ahead for your rotation
  • Accept constructive feedback
  • Give constructive feedback (that is different than critical feedback)
  • Communicate with the Experiential Education Team. We are here to help you have a successful rotation.
  • Communicate with the preceptor
    • Always respectful
    • Clarify expectations if they are not clear
    • Treat them as you would a supervisor at work
    • Remember that they volunteered to precept and are most likely not being compensated well or at all for this additional responsibility

How to definitely start off on the wrong foot

  • Don’t e-mail your preceptor ahead of time
  • E-mail ahead of time, but make sure you tell them what time you will be leaving for work each day in the e-mail (and all of the days you will be taking off)
  • Show up late on the first day
  • Show up disheveled on the first day
  • Don’t do any of the pre-work assigned to you

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