Current Publications


You Han Bae

1. K. Suzuki, K.S. Kim, Y.H. Bae, Long-term oral administration of Exendin-4 to control type 2 diabetes in a rat model, JCR, 2019, 294, 259-267.

2. Y. Han, Z. Gao*, L.Chen, L. Kang, W. Huang, M. Jin, Q. Wang, Y.H. Bae, Multifunctional oral delivery systems for enhanced bioavialability of therapeutic peptides/proteins, Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica B. 2019, 9, 902-922.

3. K.S. Kim, Y.S. Youn, Y.H. Bae, Immune-triggered cancer treatment by intestinal lymphatic delivery of paclitaxel loaded nanoparticle, J. Control. Release, 311-312 (2019) 85-95.

4. YH Bae, Y Lee, M Nurunnabi, HS Hwang, K Dongsub, Compositions and methods for bile acid particles, US Patent 10,350,169 (7/16/2019).

Mingnan Chen

1. Zhao P, Wang P, Dong S, He X, Zhou Z, Cao Y, Yagita H, He X, Fisher SJ, Fujinami RS, Chen M (2019). Depletion of PD-1-positive cells ameliorates autoimmune disease. Nature Biomedical Engineering. 3, 292-305

Hamid Ghandehari

1. M. Yazdimamaghani, P. J. Moos, M. A. Dobrovolskaia, H. Ghandehari, Genotoxicity of Amorphous Silica Nanoparticles: Status and Prospects, Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine, 16:106-125 (2019).

2. D. Steinhauff, H. Ghandehari, Matrix Mediated Viral Gene Delivery: A Review, Bioconjugate Chemistry, 30(2):384-399 (2019).

3. X. Lv, Y. Zhu, H. Ghandehari, A. Yu, Y. Wang, An ROS-Responsive and Self-Accelerating Drug Release Nanoplatform for Overcoming Multidrug Resistance, Chemical Communications, 55(23):3383-3386 (2019).

4. R. Mohammadpour, M. Yazdimamaghani, C. A. Reilly*, H. Ghandehari*, Transient Receptor Potential (TRP) Ion Channel - Dependent Toxicity of Silica Nanoparticles and Poly(amido amine) (PAMAM) Dendrimers, Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, 118.253682 (2019) *Corresponding Coauthors.

5. M. Yazdimamaghani, P. J. Moos*, H. Ghandehari*, Time- and Dose-Dependent Gene Expression Analysis of Macrophage Response as a Function of Porosity of Silica Nanoparticles, Nanomedicine, 21:102041 (2019) *Corresponding Coauthors.

6. G. Battogtokh*, O. Gotov, N. Subrahmanyam, Y. T. Ko, H. Ghandehari, GRP78-Targeted HPMA Copolymer-Photosensitizer Conjugate for Hyperthermia-Induced Enhanced Uptake and Cytotoxicity in MCF-7 Breast Cancer Cells, Macromolecular Biosciences, 19(7):e1900032 (2019).

7. R. Mohammadpour, M. Yazdimamaghani, D. L. Cheney, J. Jedrzkiewicz, H. Ghandehari, Subchronic Toxicity of Silica Nanoparticles as a Function of Size and Porosity, Journal of Controlled Release, 304:216-232 (2019). Featured cover story.

8. M.M. Jensen, W. Jia, A.J. Schults, K.J. Isaacson, D. Steinhauff, B. Green, Z. Barber, J. Cappello, H. Ghandehari*, S. Oottamasathien*, Temperature-Responsive Silk-Elastinlike Protein Polymer Enhancement of Intravesical Drug Delivery of a Therapeutic Glycosaminoglycan for Treatment of Interstitial Cystitis/Painful Bladder Syndrome, Biomaterials. 217:119293 (2019). *Corresponding coauthors.

9. R. Mohammadpour, M.A. Dobrovolskaia, D.L. Cheney, K.F. Greish, H. Ghandehari, Subchronic and Chronic Toxicity Evaluation of Inorganic Nanoparticles for Delivery Applications, Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, 14: 112-132 (2019).

10. K. Kaur, I.C. Jaramillo, R. Mohammadpour, A. Sturrock, H. Ghandehari, C. Reilly, R. Paine 3rd, K.E. Kelly, Effect of Collection Methods on Combustion Particle Physicochemical Properties and Their Biological Response in a Human Macrophage-Like Cell Line. Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part A Toxic/Hazardous Substances and Environmental Engineering, 12:1170-1185 (2019).

11. S. P. Hadipour Moghaddam, R. Mohammadpour, H. Ghandehari, In Vitro and In Vivo Evaluation of Degradation, Toxicity, Biodistribution, and Clearance of Silica Nanoparticles as a Function of Size, Porosity, Density, and Composition, Journal of Controlled Release, 311:1-15 (2019).

12. V. K. Yellepeddi*, H. Ghandehari, Pharmacokinetics of Oral Therapeutics Delivered by Dendrimer-Based Carriers, Expert opinion on drug delivery, 10:1051-1061 (2019).

13. K. Kaur, R. Mohammadpour, I. C. Jaramillo, H. Ghandehari, C. Reilly, R. Paine, K. Kelly, Application of a Quartz Crystal Microbalance to Measure the Mass Concentration of Combustion Particle Suspensions, Journal of Aerosol Science, 137:105445 (2019).

14. H. Ghandehari, ADDR Editors’ Collection. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, 151:1 (2019).

David Grainger

1. H.J. Busscher, V. Alt, H.C. van der Mei, P.H., Fagette, W. Zimmerli, T.F. Moriarty, J. Parvizi, G. Schmidmaier, M.J. Raschke, T. Gehrke, R. Bayston, L.M. Baddour, L.C. Winterton, R.O. Darouiche, D.W. Grainger, “A Trans-Atlantic Perspective on Stagnation in Clinical Translation of Antimicrobial Strategies for the Control of Biomaterial-Implant Associated Infection”, ACS Biomaterials Sci Eng, 2019, 5, 402−406.

2. T. F. Moriarty, T.P. Schaer, G. Richards, H. Busscher, A.A. Montali, A. Moter, J. Wenke, H. Llinos, M.M. Riool, R. Mooney, S. Zeiter; V. Alt., N. Khanna, R. Kuehl, D.W. Grainger, “Recommendations for design and conduct of preclinical in vivo studies of orthopedic device-related infection, J. Orthoped. Res., 2019; 37(2), 271-287; doi: 10.1002/jor.24230.

3. D. Diekjürgen, D.W. Grainger, “An Ex Vivo 3D Kidney Proximal Tubule Nephrotoxicity Model to Better Predict Drug-Induced Epithelial Nephropathy”, Arch. Toxicol, e-pub 2019;; DOI: 10.1007/s00204-019-02430-9.

4. Y. Wang, D.W. Grainger, “Lyophilized Liposome-Based Parenteral Drug Development: Reviewing Complex Product Design Strategies and Current Regulatory Environments,” Adv. Drug Deliv. Rev., e-pub (2019). DOI 10.1016/j.addr.2019.03.003.

5. K. Kim, D.W. Grainger, T. Okano, Utah’s cell sheet tissue engineering center, Regen Therap., “Utah's cell sheet tissue engineering center”. Regen Ther. 2019 10;11: 2-4. doi: 10.1016/j.reth.2019.03.003.

6. K. Sinclair, Z. Farrell, D.W. Grainger, "Antibiotic-Eluting Resorbable Bone Void Filler Evaluated in a Large Animal Infection Model", Eur Cells Mater., 37 265-276, 2019; DOI: 10.22203/eCM.v037a16.

7. K. Kim, H. Thorp, S. Bou-Ghannam, T. Okano, D.W. Grainger, “Human mesenchymal stem cell sheets in xeno-free media for possible allogenic applications”, Sci. Rep., e-pub (2019).

8. M. Nakao; K. Kim K. Nagase; D.W. Grainger, H. Kanazawa; T. Okano, “Phenotypic traits of mesenchymal stem cell sheets fabricated by temperature-responsive cell culture plates:

structural characteristics of cell sheets, Stem Cell Regen. Therap., 10, Article number: 353 (2019).

9. Y. Ren, P.H. Fagette, C.L. Hall, H. Broers, D.W. Grainger, H.C. van der Mei, H.J. Busscher, Clinical translation of the assets of biomedical engineering - a retrospective analysis with looks to the future, Exp. Rev. Med. Dev., (2019)

10. H.J. Busscher, W. Woudstra, T.G. van Kooten, P. Jutte, L. Shi, J. Liu, W.L.J. Hinrichs, H.W. Frijlink, R. Shi, J. Liu, J. Parvizi, S. Kates, V.M. Rotello, T.P. Schaer, D. Williams, D.W. Grainger, H.C. van der Mei, “Accepting higher morbidity in exchange for sacrificing fewer animals in studies developing novel infection-control strategies”, Biomaterials (2019);

Book chapters:

11. D.W. Grainger, Foreword, in D. Williams, ed., Targeting Biofilms in Translational Research, Device Development and Industrial Sectors, Springer, 2019, pp. 162; (ISBN 978-3-030-30666-3).

12. D.W. Grainger, “Fluorinated Biomaterials” in Biomaterials Science, 4th ed., W. Wagner, S. Sakiyama-Elbert, M. Yaszemski, G. Zhang, eds., Academic Elsevier, Amsterdam, 2019, (Chapter 1.3.2c) ISBN-10: 0123746264, ISBN-13: 978-0123746269.

Kyungsook Kim

1. Utah’s Cell Sheet Tissue Engineering Center, Kim K, Grainger DW, Okano T. Regen Ther (2019) 11: 2.

2. Using Cell Sheets to Regenerate Mouse Submandibular Glands. Nam K, Kim K, Dean SM, Brown CT, Davis RS, Okano T, Baker OJ. npj Regen Med (2019) 16.

3. Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Sheets in Xeno-free Media for Possible Allogenic Applications. Kim K, Bou-Ghannam S, Thorp H, Grainger DW, Okano T. Sci Rep (2019) 9: 14415.

4. Phenotypic Traits of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Sheets Fabricated by Temperature-responsive Cell Culture Plate: Structural Characteristics of MSC Sheets. Nakao M, Kim K, Nagase K, Grainger DW, Kanazawa H, Okano T. Stem Cell Red Ther (2019) 10(1): 353.

5. Cell Sheet Tissue Engineering for Scaffold Free Three-dimensional (3D) TissueRreconstruction, Kim K, Bou-Ghannam S, Okano T. Methods in Cell Biology (2020) Article number: 587.

6. Optimization of mesenchymal stem cell sheet fabrication. Kim K, Bou-Ghannam S, Thorp H, Grainger DW, Okano T. under revision. J Tissue Eng Regen M.

Jindrich Kopecek

1. L. Li, J. Yang, S. Soodvilai, J. Wang, P. Opanasopit, J. Kopeček, Drug-Free Albumin-Triggered Sensitization of Cancer Cells to Anticancer Drugs. J. Controlled Release 293, 84-93 (2019).

2. J. Yang, L. Li, J. Kopeček, Biorecognition: A Key to Drug-free Macromolecular Therapeutics. Biomaterials 190-191, 11-23 (2019).

3. J. Wang, L. Li, J. Yang, P.M. Clair, M. Glenn, D.M. Stephens, D.C. Radford, K.M. Kosak, M.W. Deininger, P.J. Shami, J. Kopeček, Drug-free Macromolecular Therapeutics Induce Apoptosis in Cells Isolated from Patients with B Cell Malignancies with Enhanced Apoptosis Induction by Pretreatment with Gemcitabine. Nanomedicine: NBM 16, 217-225 (2019).

4. L. Li, J. Wang, Y. Li, D.C. Radford, J. Yang, J. Kopeček, Broadening and Enhancing Functions of Antibodies by Self-Assembling Multimerization at Cell Surface. ACS Nano 13, 11422-11432 (2019).

5. L. Li, Y. Li, C.-H. Yang, D.C. Radford, J. Wang, M. Janát-Amsbury, J. Kopeček, J. Yang, Inhibition of Immunosuppresive Tumors by Polymer-Assisted Inductions of Immunogenic Cell Death and Multivalent PD-L1 Crosslinking. Adv. Funct. Mater. 10.1002/adfm.201908961.

6. D.C. Radford, J. Yang, M. Doan, L. Li. A.S. Dixon, S.C. Owen, J. Kopeček, Multivalent HER2-Binding Polymer Conjugates Facilitate Rapid Endocytosis and Enhance Intracellular Drug Delivery. J. Controlled Release 319, 285-299 (2020);

Carol Lim

1. Redd Bowman K.E.,P. Lu, E.R. Vander Mause, and C.S. Lim. Advances in delivery vectors for gene therapy in liver cancer. Therapeutic Delivery, 2020 Jan;11(1):833-850. doi: 10.4155/tde-2019-0076. Epub 2019 Dec 16.

2. Lu, P., K.E. Redd Bowman, S.M. Brown, M.J. Joklik-Mcleod, E.R. Vander Mause, H.T.N. Nguyen, and C.S. Lim, p53-Bad: A Novel Tumor Suppressor-Proapoptotic Factor Hybrid Directed to the Mitochondria for Ovarian Cancer Gene Therapy. Molecular Pharmaceutics, 2019, 16(8): 3386-3398. doi:10.1021/acs.molpharmaceut.9b00136.

3. Lu, P., E.R. Vander Mause, K.E. Redd Bowman, S.M. Brown, L. Ahne, and C.S. Lim. Mitochondrially targeted p53 or DBD subdomain is superior to wild type p53 in ovarian cancer cells even with strong dominant negative mutant p53. J Ovarian Res, 2019. 12(1):45. doi: 10.1186/s13048-019-0516-2.

4. Redd Bowman, K.E., J.H. Kim, and C.S. Lim, Narrowing the field: cancer-specific promoters for mitochondrially-targeted p53-BH3 fusion gene therapy in ovarian cancer. J Ovarian Res, 2019. 12(1):38. doi: 10.1186/s13048-019-0514-4.

Shawn Owen

1. Split‐enzyme fragment as a single affinity tag that enables protein expression, purification, and functional assays SJ Kim, ST Hatch, AS Dixon, SC Owen Biotechnology and bioengineering 116 (7), 1575-1583

2. Antibody and antibody derivatives as cancer therapeutics KJ Arlotta, SC Owen Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology 11, e1556

3. Affinity-bound antibody–drug conjugates CS Nervig, SC Owen Nature biomedical engineering 3 (11), 850-851

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