Milestones and Timelines

Milestones are underlined. Courses are in italics. Principles of Project Development is three credit hours, and each Practicum is two credit hours. 

P2 Fall

  • Faculty and partners outside the College submit project ideas using the form available on the College’s homepage.

P2 Spring

  • PharmD Projects Committee reviews project submissions for feasibility, and makes a list of approved projects available to students.
  • Students rank projects they are interested in, and the Project Advisor matches students to projects and mentors.
  • Students and Mentors meet to discuss their project and sign a Compact, agreeing to the outlined responsibilities and to complete the project together.

P3 Summer

  • Students begin reviewing relevant literature
  • Students complete the required institutional training for their project (CITI, animal use and care, etc.)

P3 Fall

  • Students develop their project proposals in Principles of Project Development.
  • Students write their Project Proposal

P3 Spring

  • Students present their Project Proposal Practicum.
  • Students begin collecting data

P4 Summer

  • Students continue data collection and analysis

P4 Fall

  • Students should transition from data collection to data analysis
  • Students begin work on their Poster and Manuscript with feedback in the Practicum and from their Mentor and peers.

P4 Spring

  • Students present their Poster in the Poster Session.
  • Students submit their Final Manuscript

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