Alumni of the 90's

Name Advisor Graduation
Current Position
Edwards, James A. White 1994 Regional Scientific Services Manager, Allergan Pharmaceuticals
Gygi, Melanie P. Hanson 1996 Research Fellow in Cell Biology, Harvard Medical School
Gygi, Steven Rollins 1996 Associate Professor, Dept. of Cell Biology, Harvard University   
Hutabarat, Renta M. Yost 1990 Director, Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics, Archemix Therapeutics
Kokoshka, Jerry Hanson 1998 Licensing Officer, Columbia University, Technology Transfer
Le, Hau Trung Franklin 1998 Pharmacist
McMillin-Skeen, Gwendolyn White 1994 Medical Director, Toxicology and Trace Elements Laboratories
and Co-Medical Director of Pharmacogenetics, ARUP, Salt Lake City.
Perrin-Wangsgard, Wendy Blumenthal 1995 Study Director, Radiation and Sterilization, Nelson Laboratories
Ruangyuttikarn, Werawan Yost 1991 Division of Toxicology, Dept. of Forensic Medicine, Chiang Mai University
Singh, Nanda  Hanson 1992 Research Assistant Professor, Dept. of Human Genetics, University of Utah
Skiles, Gary L. Yost 1992 Pharmacokinetics and Drug Metabolism, Amgen
Slawson, Matthew H. Rollins 1997 Assistant Director, Center for Human Toxicology & Research Assistant
Professor, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of Utah
Sudweeks, Sterling N. Twyman/
1997 Associate Professor, Department of Physiology and Developmental Biology,
Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah
Swaffar, Diane S. Yost 1991 Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Southern Nevada
Terry, Christi M. Callahan 1997 Research Assistant Professor, Dialysis Program, University of Utah
Vargas-Ganell, Gricelly Lucero/
1999 External Relations Manager, Proctor and Gamble
Wang, Huifen Faye Yost 1996 Associate Director, Biologics Bioanalytical Center of Emphasis,
Pharmacokinetics, Dynamics, and Metabolism, Pfizer Global Research and
Development, Pfizer, Inc.

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