Post-Doctoral Fellowships Information

Faculty within the Department provide a range of postdoctoral fellowship programs for pharmacists who have completed their professional education, i.e. Pharm.D., Ph.D. or comparable degree and who wish to pursue post graduate practice or research training.


A fellowship is a directed, highly individualized program which emphasizes research. The focus of a pharmacy fellowship is to develop the participant's ability to conduct research in his/her area of specialization.

Fellowships are normally two calendar years in length.

Faculty in the Department of Pharmacotherapy direct postdoctoral fellowship training in:

Outcomes Research & Pharmacoecomics Fellowship director
 Joseph Biskupiak, PhD, MBA

Current Fellows

  • Natalia Ruiz-Negron, PharmD
  • Kibum Kim, PhD
  • Alex Watanabe, PharmD
  • Madeline Brendle, MPH
  • Tavan Parker, PharmD

Past Fellowship Recipients

  • Jyothi Menon, PhD
  • Connor Willis, PharmD
  • Trang Au, PharmD, MPH, BCPS
  • Jordan King, PharmD
  • Amy Sainski, PhD
  • Joanne LaFleur, PharmD, MSPH
  • Mei-Jen Ho, PharmD, MSPH
  • Vijay N. Joish, PhD
  • Jaewhan Kim, PhD
  • Qayyim Said, PhD
  • Sameer R. Ghate, BPharm, MSPH
  • Mark Roper, PharmD
  • Richard E. Nelson, PhD
  • Junhua Yu, PhD
  • Ming Yan, MS
  • Swetha Raparla, MS
  • Karen Thomas, PharmD
  • Brandon Bellows PharmD
  • Jason Young, MD
  • Karina Pupio Raimundo, MS Junji Lin, PhD
  • Arati Dahal, PhD
  • Tina Wilson, PhD
  • Minkyoung Yoo, PhD
  • Beilei Cai, PhD

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