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In Response to the COVID-19 Situation:

The University of Utah College of Pharmacy recognizes that in response to the COVID-19 situation, many colleges and universities have temporarily changed to a Pass/No Pass or Credit/No Credit grading system for the Winter 2020/Spring 2020/Summer 2020 terms. We will accept prerequisite courses taken Pass/No Pass or Credit/No Credit during these terms. Prerequisite courses taken prior to the COVID-19 outbreak must show a letter grade and we encourage students obtain a traditional letter grade for any required prerequisite coursework, if possible.

The first step to admission to the PharmD Program is a thoroughly completed application. It is your responsibility to make certain that all items arrive at the Office of Admissions. We will consider your application complete and proceed with an admissions review as soon as we receive all required documents. Applications for the 2020-2021 Admissions Cycle open on July 15th, 2020. The application deadlines are as follows:

Early Assurance September 1st, 2020
Priority Admission November 1st, 2020
Standard Admission February 1st, 2021
Late Admission June 1st, 2021

Download Quick Start Guide pdf document.

1. Complete PharmCAS Application.

Applicants must complete the PharmCAS Application and submit it online no later than June 1st, 2021. Applications will not be reviewed after this date.

2. Statement of Purpose

Applicants will submit a Statement of Purpose through PharmCAS in an essay format with a limit of 4500 characters. Your Statement of Purpose should address the following: 

  • Why you selected pharmacy as a career? 
  • How does the Doctor of Pharmacy degree relate to your immediate and long-term professional goals?
  • Describe how your personal, educational, and professional background will help you achieve your goals.

The Statement of Purpose is important to your application and MUST cover these questions thoroughly.

It is recommended that if there are gaps (poor semesters, break in academics, unique circumstances, etc.) that they be addressed in the personal statement.


Applicants MUST have experience in at least two of these categories (Pharmacy Experience/Patient Exposure, Volunteer Work/Community Service Experience, Leadership Experience). 

3. Pharmacy Experience / Patient Exposure

Pharmacy experience is recommended, but not required. Approximately half of the applicants accepted over the past few years have had their pharmacy technician license, and this trend is increasing. The Admissions Committee recommends shadowing pharmacists. Pharmacist shadowing is defined as the observation of a pharmacist as he/she provides pharmaceutical care to his/her patient and carries out the other responsibilities of a pharmacist. Pharmacy name, location, phone and pharmacist name will be needed for your application. Volunteer or work experience in a healthcare setting involving patient exposure is also recommended. If you are interested in becoming a technician the following website has a list of State Board of Pharmacy approved technician training programs:

4. Volunteer Work / Community Service Experience.

Students must have volunteer experience, post high school. With the exception of military service, community service is defined as work you do as a volunteer whether with a community, church, or school organization, or something you do on your own without constraint or guarantee of reward or compensation. Service rendered for pay, academic credit or other remuneration cannot be counted. Work performed in service learning courses and service performed as part of employment also does not satisfy this requirement. Ongoing experience over time is encouraged, preferably in a healthcare setting. There is no minimum hour requirement.

5. Leadership Experience.

Leadership is defined as a position of responsibility for others. Attributes of the highly qualified applicant should include: dedication, determination, willingness to contribute to the welfare of others, and the ability to make decisions. Individuals willing to accept positions of leadership are considered an asset to their community and profession. Sustained positions of leadership in employment, church, community and school organizations (e.g., coaching, tutoring and mentoring) should be clearly noted on your application.

6. Two Letters of Recommendation.

Recommendations must be submitted through the PharmCAS application. We require two letters. One MUST come from one of the following people- Pharmacist, Supervisor OR Healthcare Professional.The other letter may come from a Professor, Supervisor, Pharmacist, or other Healthcare Professional.  Both letters should reflect a professional, academic or supervisory relationship with the student. Letters from clergy, friends, family and co-workers will not be accepted.

7. Graduate School Application.

Applicants will already have all they require for the graduate school application if they have completed the PharmCAS application. Please indicate that you are applying to the Pharmacy DPH program. Official transcripts are required and need to be sent directly to the Office of Admissions, not to the College of Pharmacy. For questions regarding the Graduate Admissions Application please contact the Office of Admissions Graduate division at 801-581-8761, option 3.

Graduate Admissions Application

8. PCAT.

Applicants that apply without a bachelor’s degree are required to take the PCAT for the 2020-2021 cycle. There is no minimum PCAT score required, although it will be reviewed as a whole with the student's application. Applicants that have received their bachelor’s degree, or will complete their bachelor's program in the spring/summer prior to them starting the program, can use that degree in place of the PCAT score.

9. Pre-Pharmacy Requirements.

A Bachelor’s Degree is not required to apply to University of Utah’s College of Pharmacy. Applicants are required to complete general education requirements, as well as prerequisite courses. Applicants can choose to complete their bachelor’s degree, but it must be completed no later than July 1 of the year they wish to begin attending the College of Pharmacy. The Admissions Committee strongly recommends applicants complete their bachelor's degrees prior to admission. The minimum overall GPA required for applicants to be considered for admission to the program is 3.0 (NOTE: Applications with an overall GPA of 2.75 and higher may still be screened).

Additionally, a GPA will be calculated by the College of Pharmacy using only the prerequisite courses listed in on the website. The minimum prerequisite GPA required to apply is 2.8.

NOTE: All prerequisite courses MUST be completed with a final grade no lower than a C.

Notice of Acceptance

Admission to the Doctor of Pharmacy Program is highly selective and competitive. Outstanding students may be considered for early assurance, provided the applicant submits a completed application through PharmCAS by September 1st, 2020. The College of Pharmacy will contact you if you have been selected for an early interview.

Selection of applicants is based on the pre-professional grade point average, the Admissions Committee's assessment of the candidate's personal essay, sustained community service, demonstrated sustained leadership ability, pharmacy/healthcare experience, and PCAT scores. A personal interview will be scheduled by the Committee to further assess those factors as well as communications skills, maturity and career goals.

The full deposit amount required is $2000.00. To hold your seat in this class, please pay a deposit of $500 within two weeks of receiving acceptance notification. You are required to pay the remaining $1500 by April 15th. The $2000.00 deposit is nonrefundable; however, it will be applied to your Fall Semester tuition. You may pay the required deposit with either a credit card, a cashier's check, a personal check, or a money order.

At the time an applicant is notified of their acceptance (or conditional acceptance) into the program, a criminal background check will be completed through Certiphi.

Non-discrimination Policy

The University of Utah College of Pharmacy is fully committed to policies of nondiscrimination and equal opportunity, and vigorously pursues affirmative action in all programs, activities, and employment with regard to race, color, national origin, sex, age, and status as a person with a disability. Religion, sexual orientation, and status as a disabled veteran are also protected under nondiscrimination and equal opportunity employment policies.

Other Important Information

TOEFL iBT. An applicant whose first language is not English must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL iBT) and submit the test scores to the College of Pharmacy. To be considered for admission, a TOEFL iBT test must be provided with a total score of 80 or better will be required of all applicants that English is a second language. For information concerning this examination, contact the University of Utah Testing Center, 498 Student Services Building, Salt Lake City, Utah 84112 (801) 581-8744.

TOFEL is required of all ESL applicants.

*A waiver may be granted in place of the TOEFL if the applicant received a high school diploma from a United States institution and has been in the United States for at least 5 years.

Checking Application Status

After a review of your file has been completed by the Admissions Committee, you will receive notification regarding your application/interview status. Please note: Not everyone will receive notification at the same time. The file review process varies depending on date received from PharmCAS, pending documentation, etc. Should we have questions regarding your file we will contact you via e-mail. Please confirm receipt of any e-mails from the admission committee.


Students who apply for early assurance have an opportunity to be interviewed early (December). Those who apply on the Standard Application deadline may be interviewed in January. Those that apply in February may be interviewed in late February/early March.

For questions regarding Admission or Applications please contact the College of Pharmacy PharmD Program Admissions Office: 

Contact Student Affairs

Shawna Webster
Associate Director of Student Services
(801) 585-1848

Dallas Nelson
Senior Academic Advisor
(801) 581-5384

Kamryn Shepherd
Pre-Pharmacy Academic Advisor
(801) 581-7046

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