PharmD/PhD Pathway


What is the PharmD/PhD Pathway?

The Departments of Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology and Toxicology, and Pharmacotherapy together with the Dean's Office, have developed a pathway for students who are interested in simultaneously pursuing a PharmD and a PhD This program is intended for students who are interested in a career in basic or clinical research. It is constructed to intersperse the core curriculum requirements of the PhD program into the curriculum of the PharmD program, making course substitutions where feasible. In doing this, we minimize curriculum redundancy between the two programs while ensuring that the student is adequately prepared for the demands of both degree programs.

How long does the PharmD/PhD Pathway take?

During the joint program pathway, students undertake research in the summers between their P1-P3 years, depending on when the student is admitted into the PhD program pathway. Students are also expected to use at least one clerkship rotation for research. The program is structured so that students can take their PhD qualifying exam as soon as their P3 year and their pharmacy licensure exam at the normal time after completion of the P4 year. Following the P4 year, students engage in full time research to complete the PhD program.

How can I appy for the PharmD/PhD Pathway?

Students who are interested in pursuing this pathway must first gain admission to the College of Pharmacy PharmD program before they can apply for the PhD program pathway. We encourage students to study the PhD pathway carefully before making a decision as to the joint program or which program of study, so that most students will choose a PhD pathway in their P2-P3 years. Students are accepted into the PhD program if the student meets the program admissions criteria and there is appropriate research mentoring and support for the student. Interested students should contact the Director of Graduate Studies in the chosen department for application procedures and information. The College provides a stipend for tuition and fees during the P4 year.

Questions about the PharmD/PhD Pathway? Contact:

James Herron, Ph.D.
Executive Associate Dean, Professional Education
Phone: (801) 581-7303 / (801) 587-9966

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