Eric W. Schmidt

Eric W. SchmidtWilliam R. Droschkey Endowed Chair in Pharmacy, Professor of Medicinal Chemistry L. S. Skaggs Pharmacy Institute, Adjunct Professor of Biology, College of Science


Phone: 801.585.5234
Fax: 801.585.6208


NIH Fellowship 1999-2001 Johns Hopkins University
Ph.D. 1999 Scripps Institution of Oceanography
B.S. 1994 University of California at San Diego

Research Interests

Natural Products: Biodiversity, Drug Discovery, Synthetic Biology


Marine Natural Products and Symbiosis: The Tunicates

The tunicates shown above are animals collected from a single site in the tropical Pacific Ocean (photo by Chris Ireland). They are an excellent source of novel natural products, including clinically applied anticancer drugs. Strikingly, most of the interesting natural products in tunicates are produced by symbiotic bacteria, and not by the animals themselves. Using the tools of organic chemistry, metagenomics, synthetic biology, and biochemistry, we strive to understand the origin, biosynthesis, and roles of these natural products. Further, we apply this understanding to the discovery of novel pharmaceuticals and the development of new synthetic biology tools that will impact human health and biotechnology.

Natural Products from Other Sources

Although our lab has focused on marine natural products and symbiosis, we also aim to discover and understand natural products from a variety of other sources, such as terrestrial bacteria and fungi. The common theme to these projects is that they involve either unexplored and unstudied habitats, or novel biosynthetic machinery that is not well understood. Thus, these projects provide us with the opportunity to explore the basic science of natural chemicals from biologically diverse sources.

Drug Design and Discovery

We work with many different biologists, pharmacologists, and others to find compounds that target important human diseases. A major focus has been in neuroscience, where discover ligands that act on dorsal root ganglion neurons, via "constellation pharmacology." We have also reported novel agents that target infectious agents and cancers.

Synthetic Biology

We have been interested in biosynthetic pathways that are inherently engineerable, with a focus on the ribosomally synthesized and posttranslationally modified peptides (RiPPs). By understanding the substrate requirements, we are generating a set of interchangeable biosynthetic tools that can be used to decorate peptides in defined ways and to synthesize large libraries of derivatives for drug screening.

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EWS Grad/Postdoc

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*contributed equally

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