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Complaint System

How the complaint system works

The University of Utah College of Pharmacy provides each professional student the ability to lodge complaints about the professional program regarding the Accreditation Council on Pharmacy Education (ACPE) Standards. Any professional student can provide a written complaint to the College about any accreditation standard (, student rights to due process, or any other unresolved issue. The College of Pharmacy is committed to resolving all complaints by due process in a timely manner.

  1. College Complaints Policy

    The College of Pharmacy has an obligation to conduct its affairs with honesty and frankness. Any student enrolled in the College of Pharmacy’s professional programs has the right to lodge a complaint against the College or the pharmacy program that is related to ACPE standards, policies, or procedures. Student complaints will be taken seriously and will be responded to by the College in a timely manner following a process that is fair and equitable to all parties and consistent with University policy. Copies of the ACPE standards are available to all College personnel in the Dean’s Office or can be accessed on-line at

  2. Procedures

    Please register your complaints via the on-line submission using this website. Anonymous or identified complaints are acceptable. The complaint will be reviewed by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, who will acknowledge in writing receipt of the complaint and establish a file for the complaint within two (2) business days. The file will be kept separate from student academic records or faculty/staff personnel records. If a complaint is filled anonymously, it should be understood that addressing the complaint may be difficult without providing enough detail in the complaint to allow the College of Pharmacy to adequately understand the complaint. We therefore strongly encourage providing your name.

Complaint System Access

Student Access | Submit a Complaint

When making a complaint remember:

  • Your complaint should be positive and constructive
  • Generalizations are not as useful as facts supported by dates, times, locations etc.
  • Serious accusations should be backed up with concrete examples
  • Discussing the complaint with others generates harmful gossip
  • Your complaint is important to Student Affairs and will be dealt with in a timely manner