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Congratulations to the Schmidt Lab

MedChem Holiday Party

Congratulations! Go to The Schmidt Lab Again!

Even though Mother Nature decided to dump over six inches of snow on December 13th, the Holiday Party at the Union Building went on. Albebson Lim won the coveted candy jar with an almost perfect guess of 402 pieces. The correct total was 405 pieces in the jar. Garrison Nichol beat everyone at bowling, with Youjung Song coming in a close second.

Garrison won a prize for defeating Darrell Davis. Youjung won a prize too. Sometime in the future we will need a rematch.

While no pool sharks were reported, several ping-pong matches had the air (and the floor) filled with projectiles.

Twelve boxes of Cakebites were raffled off because we all needed more sugar.

For all of you who came, we hope you had a good time.

Albebson Lim Won Candy Jar