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Nicole Jean Rueb leads the College Seminar


Please find the attached seminar flyer for Dr. Nicole Jean Rueb

Developing the Natural Product Illudalic Acid as an inhibitor of Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase Activity

Abstract: Developing chemical tools for protein tyrosine phosphatases (PTPs) is of utmost importance. In this thesis, I explore the use of illudalic acid and analogs as inhibitors of PTP activity. With the help of the Dudley group from West Virginia University, a library of illudalic acid analogs were synthesized and screened against a panel of PTPs. The screening results of this library will be discussed in addition to insight into the mechanism of inhibition of illudalic acid to PTPs. Several analogs with promising activity for PTPRD, a receptor type PTP that plays an important role in neurogenesis and substance use disorders, were identified. We investigated the use of these PTPRD inhibitors in zebrafish and rat models of addiction and found modifications to drug seeking behavior.

Wednesday, April, 19th

12:00 PM

HSEB 4100B

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Meeting ID: 988 3316 9759 

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Nicole Reub