PHCEU 6612 Clinical Research Drug Development: From Molecule to Market 1 cr
PHCEU 7055 Integrated Drug Development Process in the Pharmaceutical Industry 1.5 cr
PHCEU 7095 Molecular Modeling and Biomolecular Simulation from a Pharmaceutical Perspective 2 cr
BIOEN 7140 Advanced Topics in Tissue Engineering 2 cr
BIOEN 7160 Physical Nature of Surfaces 3 cr
BIOEN 7168 Proteins at Interfaces and in Membranes 3 cr
BIOEN 7170 Biomolecular Engineering 3 cr
BLCHM 6410 Protein and Nucleic Acid Biochemistry 3 cr
BLCHM 6430 Structural Methods 3 cr
BLCHM 6450 Biophysical Chemistry 2 cr
BLCHM 6460 Protein Chemistry 2 cr
FPMD 6100 Biostatistics I 3 cr
MDCH 6550 Site-Specific Drug Targeting 2 cr
MDCH 6560 Biomedical Applications of Mass Spectrometry 2 cr
PH TX 6680 Statistical Methods for Pharmacological Research 2 cr
PH TX 7500 Biochemical Mechanisms of Signal Transduction 2 cr

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