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Nancy A. Nickman




  • Dr. Nancy Nickman is a Professor of Pharmacotherapy and Adjunct Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Utah. She received a B.S. in Pharmacy (1982, University of Montana), and graduate degrees from the University of Minnesota in Hospital Pharmacy (1984, MS) and Social and Administrative Pharmacy (1987, PhD). She also completed an ASHP Residency at United and Children's Hospital (1982-1984, St. Paul, MN). Her teaching and research expertise includes patient-centered outcomes research to improve provision and quality of patient care based on application of industrial engineering and economic analyses. Publications and presentations include work sampling evaluations of institutional pharmacy services for re-design of structural and functional activities, pre-post analyses of the impact of technology on the practice of health professionals, simulated time-and-motion evaluations coupled with microcost analyses of issues related to medication preparation and administration, and analysis of devices intended for medication self-administration. Since 2012, Nancy has served as a Clinical Coordinator for Analytics and Outcomes for Pharmacy Services, University of Utah Health Care. For 2016-17, she is serving as co-Chair of the ASHP Section on Pharmacy Informatics and Technology (SOPIT) Pharmacy Operations Automation (POA) Section Advisory Group (SAG). From 2013-2016, she co-chaired the “Automation of the Pharmacy Enterprise” subgroup of the POA SAG and has been a POA member since 2010.


  • PhD Social and Administrative Pharmacy, University of Minnesota
  • MS Hospital Pharmacy, University of Minnesota
  • BS Pharmacy, University of Montana

Clinical Practice and Research Interests

  • Evaluation of Pharmacy Services
  • Pharmacoeconomics Research
  • Patient Services Evaluation

Professional Affiliations

  • American Society of Health-System Pharmacists
  • Utah Society of Health-System Pharmacists

Courses Taught

  • PCTH 6891/7891 Research Seminar
  • PHARM 5143Community Agency Practicum


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