Lou Barrows


Lou Barrows







B.S., 1975, California Polytechnic State University

Ph.D., 1980, University of California, Irvine, Pharmacology.


Research Interests


My laboratory is dedicated to the discovery of new anti-cancer and anti-infective agents. Much of what we do can be considered natural products drug discovery.  We identify new drug leads based on their novel chemical structure or mechanism of action.  Extracts of macro- and microorganisms from coral reefs and tropical rain forests provide the new molecules we isolate and evaluate.  Determination of the molecular actions of new molecules and determination of the precise cellular consequences of their activity is often the basis of student doctoral projects. We take bioactive organisms and molecules all the way from the source to the sequencing gel, and then into animal models of human disease.

Our recent major project has focused on linking scientific discovery with conservation and social progress in Papua New Guinea (the “PNG ICBG”).  We have supported the development of a research lab in the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG), School of Medicine and Health Sciences, and we have funded the botanical survey work of the National Herbarium in the School of Natural and Physical Sciences.  This collaboration has permitted UPNG students to study here in Utah, and also for Utah students to spend time in PNG offering workshops and hands-on training.  We have assisted in many UPNG Honor’s and Master’s students projects aimed at validating traditional phytomedicines, and identifying their active components.  Our work has also funded numerous community education and conservation outreach efforts, which we have linked to the botanical survey expeditions.  Our work in PNG has broadened our research interests to include the discovery of new molecules and mechanisms of anti-HIV and anti-TB activity.


Selected Publications


Noro, J.C.; Barrows, L.R.; Gideon, O.G.; Ireland, C.M.; Koch, M.; Matainaho, T.; Piskaut, P.; Pond, C.D.; Bugni, T.S. Tetrahdroxysqualene from Rhus taitensis Shows Antimycobacterial Activity Against Mycobacterium tuberculosis. J. Nat. Prod. (2008) 71, 1623-1624.

Andjelic, C.D.; Planelles, V.; Barrows, L.RCharacterizing the Anti-HIV Activity of Papuamide A.Marine Drugs.(2008)6, 528-549.

Koch, M.; Bugni, T.S.; Pond, C.D.; Sondossi, M.; Dindi, M.; Piskaut, P.; Ireland, C.M.; Barrows, L.R.Activity of Exocarpus latifolius is Due to Exocarpic Acid.Planta Medica;(2009) 75, 1-5.

Barrows, L.R.; Matainaho, T.K.; Ireland C.M.; Miller, S.; Carter, G.T.; Bugni, T., Rai, P.; Gideon, O.; Manoka, B.; Piskaut, P.; Banka, R.; Kiapranis, R.; Noro, J.N.; Pond, C.D.; Andjelic, C.D.; Koch, M.; Harper, M.K.; Powan, E.; Pole, A.R.; Jensen, J.B. Making the Most of Papua New Guinea's Biodiversity: Establishment of an Integrated Set of Programs that Link Botanical Survey with Pharmacological Assessment in "The Land of the Unexpected" In Press Pharmaceutical Biology(2009).

Marshall, K.M.; Andjelic, C.D.; Tasdemir, D.; Concepcion, G.P.; Ireland, C.M.; Barrows, L.R.; Deoxyamphimedine, a Pyridoacridine Alkaloid, Damages DNA via the Production of Reactive Oxygen Species.Marine Drugs(2009)7, 196-209.

Bugni, T.S.; Andjelic, C.D.; Pole, A.R.;Rai, P.; Ireland, C.M.; Barrows, L.R.; Biologically active components of a Papua New Guinea analgesic and anti-inflammatory lichen preparation. Epub ahead of print,Fitoterapia.

Sincic, R.S.;Barrows, L.R.; Chang-Yen, D.A.; Eddings, M.A.; Gale, B.K.: Parallel Determination of Phenotypic Cytotoxicity with a Micropattern of Mutant Cell Lines. Biomedical Microdevices, (2008) DOI 10.1007/s10544-008-9250-z.

Edler, M.C., Fernandez, A.M., Lassota, P., Ireland, C.M. and Barrows, L.R. Inhibition of Tubulin Polymerization by Vitilevuamide: a Bicyclic Marine Peptide that Inhibits Tubulin Polymerization at a Site Distinct from Colchicine, the Vinca Alkaloids and Dolastatin 10. Biochem. Pharm. 63: 707-715, 2002

Matsumoto, S.S., Haughey, H.M., Schmehl, D.M., Venables, D.A., Ireland, C.M., Holden, J.A. and Barrows, L.R. Makaluvamine-DNA Topoisomerase II Interaction. Anti-Cancer Drugs 10:39-45, 1999.

Mitchell, A.M., Bayomi, A., Natarajan, E., Barrows, L.R., West, F.G. and Grissom, C.B. Targeting leukemia cells with cobalamin bioconjugates. Enzymatic Mechanisms 1:150-154, 1999.

Pond, C.D., Li, X.-G., Rubin, E.H. and Barrows, L.R. Effects of mutations in the F361 to R364 region of topoisomerase I (Topo I), in the presence and absence of 9-aminocamptothecin, on the Topo I-DNA interaction. Anti-Cancer Drugs 10:647-653, 1999.

Fernandez, A.F., He, H.-Y., McDonald, L.A., Lassota, P., Discafani, C., Sorenson, E.F., Edler, M.C., Barrows, L.R., Clardy, J.C., and Ireland, C.M. Structural studies of marine peptides. Pure and Appl. Chem. 70:2130-2139, 1998.

Barrows, L.R., Holden, J.A., Anderson, M. and D'Arpa, P. The CHO mutant, EM9, deficient in DNA ligase III activity, exhibits hypersensitivity to camptothecin independent of DNA replication. Mutat. Res. 408:103-110, 1998.

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