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Renee Adams

Marketing/Communications Specialist



30 South 2000 East, Rm. 105G

Salt Lake City, UT 84112



Job Description

Designs, coordinates, and executes a wide range of marketing/communications. Performs a variety of writing, design, and project management tasks while using good judgment and strong interpersonal skills to plan and execute marketing/communications strategies. Utilizes traditional and electronic publishing technologies to produce communications that implement project objectives.


  • Develops and executes marketing/communication plans by utilizing traditional and electronic publishing technologies

  • Develops and communicates department information on various projects to its stakeholders, both internal and external

  • Responsible for monitoring effectiveness of marketing/communication tactics and adjusting communication plans as necessary

  • Collaborates with the Department and other clientele to conceptualize on various projects

  • Proofreads all communications and monitors media

  • Manages the research and development of content for publication

  • Develops and adheres to project timelines

  • Ensures that distributed material is accurate and timely

  • May perform other related technical duties as assigned