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carol-lim.jpg Thanks for finding us on line! As one of the nation's top-ranked pharmaceutics program in research and scholarly productivity, we think we have a lot to offer you, whether you are a potential graduate student, interested industrialist, entrepreneur, curious citizen, alumnus or alumnae, or benefactor. Our research programs are cutting edge and internationally recognized, and our scholarly contributions impacting. We continue to move, respond and grow as the pharmaceutical field also grows and adapts to new technologies, drug classes and therapeutic ambitions, challenges in effective, safe drug delivery, and in treating patients.

The Department of Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry offers a Ph.D. degree program through the Graduate School of the University of Utah. The program seeks to prepare graduate students to function independently, competently and technically in a variety of settings including academic, research, administrative, business management, legal, regulatory and investment career tracks. This goal is accomplished through formal didactic courses, seminars and journal clubs, laboratory research rotations, and dissertation research. Every attempt is made by the faculty to help the student complete the program in a timely fashion. Typically, students graduate within 5 years of entering the program, although the nature of some projects and approaches requires a longer time commitment for full completion of the dissertation work. We are excited about our new L.S. Skaggs Pharmacy Research building adjacent and connected to our current Skaggs Pharmacy building. This state-of-the-art research facility represents the culmination of an enormous effort to gather the College of Pharmacy's research-active faculty into a common footprint to synergize research activities across our campus. What an opportunity to take the top-ranked College to even greater achievements! New students, capabilities, collaborations, research funding, discoveries, publications, and prominence! There's so much happening on this campus and in our department! Please peruse the website for information on the many updates, newsworthy stories and other items of interest from the Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of Utah.

Chair’s Philosophy: The pursuit of a Ph.D. degree is a transient, temporary, intensive professional training experience to be pursued and completed as directly and expediently as possible. As such it is neither a vocation nor a job. The doctoral experience is expected to be enriching and rigorous; the doctoral student is expected to be productive, professional, focused and efficient. Financial support provided to each student is at the discretion of specific faculty advisor with specific technical objectives, deliverables and intellectual products anticipated and expected. Such support is a privilege for study and student productivity should be an expected deliverable. This student-advisor relationship is augmented by fulfilling the formal didactic training components, the research requirements, and by the regular, critical review and input of the student’s doctoral supervisory committee. As the department can only improve through collective work and dedicated group efforts involving students and faculty, consistent student participation in the wide variety of required and elective department activities is expected of all students. Student leadership, initiative and contributions to Department progress and growth can take numerous forms. In addition to personal research productivity, extra student-based efforts in teaching/curriculum improvement, inter-student networking and morale building exercises, research support and grant writing, interfacing with other graduate student groups, faculty committees and College leaders, and outreach service to the off-campus lay-person and on-campus undergraduate communities are some examples encouraged by the Chair to assist the department’s continual quest for improvement and international recognition. The Department’s Fox and College’s Wolf prizes recognize student-initiated leadership, impact and creative contributions “beyond the call” in this regard.

Department Mission Statement: The Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry seeks to create highly trained, versatile experts in the diverse sets of scientific and engineering disciplines that together represent the modern field of pharmaceutics. These experts will serve to lead the world’s industries and academic institutions to forward the field, foster innovation and progress, and endeavor to improve human therapies to benefit patient quality of life. The Department strives to be internationally recognized as a top-tier education and research program in pharmaceutics through innovative teaching and training, and creative research approaches that provide effective solutions to challenging clinical therapeutic problems. The Department’s faculty is centric to achieving these academic performance goals and in fully supporting the mission of the College of Pharmacy and the broader University’s academic mission and function as mandated by the State of Utah. Excellence can only be achieved through consistent participation of outstanding students and faculty. The Department seeks to attract the best and brightest students and faculty by creating a welcoming environment to foster success and creativity, and encourage enduring leadership using skills crucial for current global pharmaceutical employment. To capture the unique values and richness that arise from differences of culture and circumstance, as well as contrasting worldviews, we are committed to consistent and dedicated efforts to attract and retain diverse faculty and student populations.


Carol Lim, Ph.D.
Interim Department Chair
Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

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