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Adjunct Faculty Information | Pharmacotherapy

Adjunct Faculty

Apply for an adjunct faculty appointment or to renew your current appointment


For questions regarding this process, please contact Tiffany O'Bonnon at:


Adjunct faculty are individuals who participate in the University’s academic program and make a substantial contribution to the academic activities of various academic units in which they are appointed. Read regulations. Faculty members whose primary employment is outside of the Department of Pharmacotherapy will be appointed and reappointed according to adjunct faculty/reappointment buildings as volunteer (non-paid) faculty. Adjunct faculty support the teaching (classroom and/or experiential), service, and/or research missions of the Department of Pharmacotherapy in its mission of ‘advancing healthcare outcomes by ensuring optimal drug therapy outcomes for everyone’. Select benefits of obtaining appointment to adjunct faculty are outlined in the University of Utah College of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmacotherapy Unpaid Adjunct Faculty Appointment/Reappointment Guidelines linked below.

Download guideline document

Preceptor Appointment: If you are interested in becoming a Preceptor, please visit the Experiential Education website here or contact the Experiential Education Program at


The Adjunct Faculty Committee will review applications in January, May and September.


  • Active pharmacist license without restrictions or stipulations (if applicant is a pharmacist & will be precepting students)

Applicants should provide the following required information by completing an online survey.

  • Name & contact information
  • Demographics & employment information
  • Application type
  • Letter of Intent including the following:      1) Reason the appointment is desired      2) Description of how the applicant will contribute to the Department of Pharmacotherapy’s mission of ‘advancing healthcare by ensuring optimal drug therapy outcomes for everyone’
  • Completion of the new preceptor application process (for initial appointments where individual is willing & able to precept students)
  • Current Curriculum Vitae
  • Copy of active pharmacist license without restrictions or stipulations (if precepting pharmacy students)
  • One letter of recommendation from a colleague in a pharmacy-related profession (required for initial appointment and promotion)
  • Description of achievements in the following three areas (as applicable): 1) Teaching, 2) Service, and/or 3) Scholarship. Criteria for each rank can be found in Table 1 of the guidelines. Examples of qualifying activities can be found in Table 2.

The Adjunct Faculty Appointment Advisory Committee meets quarterly to evaluate applications for appointment & reappointment.

If you are interested in applying for an adjunct faculty appointment, please complete the Adjunct Faculty Appointment Application.  

Reappointment and Promotion

Thank you to those who have served as an Adjunct Faculty Member! We appreciate your contributions and your interest in continuing to serve as an Adjunct Faculty Member at the University of Utah College of Pharmacy. All adjunct appointments end annually on June 30th. To be considered for reappointment, individuals must complete an annual online survey. A link to the online survey will be sent annually on September 1st and must be completed by December 1st. Criteria for reappointment and promotion can be found in the Adjunct Faculty Guideline.

Adjunct Faculty Ranks                             

The information supplied in your application will be used to determine your rank. 

  • Adjunct Professor                     
  • Adjunct Associate Professor     
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor     
  • Adjunct Instructor 


Adjunct faculty appointments provide many professional benefits. Select benefits include:

  • The opportunity to share expertise with future pharmacists
  • The opportunity to expand knowledge by learning from future pharmacists
  • Professional networking opportunities
  • Recognition from employer, peers, and future pharmacists
  • The opportunity to recruit future pharmacy interns, pharmacy residents, and pharmacists
  • Collaborative research opportunities
  • Active participation in the missions of the College of Pharmacy
  • Access to all University of Utah benefits for volunteer faculty, which currently includes access to library resources. For more information, contact Human Resources at 801-581-7447
  • Discounted access to College of Pharmacy sponsored Continuing Education programs