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Nathorn (Nui) Chaiyakunapruk, PharmD, PhD





Nathorn (Nui) Chaiyakunapruk is a Professor in the Department of Pharmacotherapy at the University of Utah College of Pharmacy in Salt Lake City. He earned a Doctorate of Pharmacy (PharmD) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and his PhD in Pharmaceutical Outcomes Research and Policy Program from the University of Washington.

His expertise is in Health Technology Assessment and Global Health. He has applied several HTA methodologies (Health Economics, Real World Data Analysis, and Evidence Synthesis: systematic review and classical/network meta-analysis/ Umbrella review) to support national and global policy, especially his contributions to the World Health Organization. His research is in broad areas ranging from infectious diseases, non-communicable diseases, community pharmacy, immunization program, complementary and alternative medicines, pharmacogenomics, and smoking cessation. His current projects have been focused on health equity and global health. He is working on developing an approach to incorporate social determinants of health as part of infectious disease modeling to support policy decision making and implementation process. He also works on estimating global economic burden associated with Herpes Simplex Virus infection. His research work was also focused on methodological research to advance evidence synthesis method in applying to health economic evaluation, umbrella review, and network meta-analysis in health service research. Other works include measurement of value of innovation in oncology, estimating financial burden associated with Neglected Tropical Disease, landscape analysis of equity consideration in HTA in Asia, implementations research in anticoagulation and immunization program.

His research has been funded through grants from the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Wellcome Trust, US National Human Genome Research Institute, and the National Institute for Health Research UK. Dr. Chaiyakunapruk has an H-index of 48 and is an author of more than 300 international publications in peer-reviewed journals (i.e., The Lancet, Annals of Internal Medicine, Cochrane Database Systematic Review, Chest, Clinical Infectious Disease, JAMA network open, Dermatology, Value in Health, Pharmacoeconomics, and Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety) and five book chapters. Dr. Chaiyakunapruk also serves as a co-editor of Value in Health Regional Issue, Journal of Pharmaceutical Policy and Practice (JoPPP),  and Journal of Medical Economics.

Nui has been very active at national, regional, and international levels. He was a co-author of CHEERS 2022 and WHO guide for standardization of economic evaluations of immunization programmes (2019). He is currently a member of RSV Vaccine Technical Advisory Group (TAG) of WHO and a member of Prioritization Advisory Committee (PAC) for Research & Development Blueprint – World Health Emergencies (WHE) under WHO.

He was a founder of the ISPOR Asia Consortium (International Society of Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research), ISPOR Thailand Chapter, and The Asia Pacific Evidence-based Medicine Network. He served as the education chair and publication chair of the ISPOR Asia Consortium. He was an adviser of the National Essential Drug List Selection Subcommittee of Thailand and a member of the Health Economic Working Group of Benefit Package Selection Committee of National Health Security Office, Thailand. He is also a co-author of Thai Health Technology Assessment Guideline. He has also been working as a consultant for WHO in vaccine-related health economics, malaria control, and pharmaceutical economics.


  • PhD, University of Washington
  • PharmD, University of Wisconsin
  • BS, Pharmaceutical Science, Chulalongkorn University

Research Interests

  • Health Technology Assessment
  • Health Economics: economic evaluation and economic burden
  • Health Outcomes Research using real-world databases
  • Evidence Synthesis: systematic review and classical/network meta-analysis, scoping review and evidence gap map, umbrella review
  • Application of research method in various disease areas or global health issues e.g. vaccine (e.g., PCV, HPV, Rota, Influenza, Typhoid, HSV, OCV), snakebite, cannabis, tobacco control, pharmacogenomics, drug safety, medication adherence, pharmacy practice, medical device, hematology/oncology, cardiovascular disease (e.g., atrial fibrillation and anticoagulation, ACS), diabetes, infectious disease, Alzheimer’s disease, gastrointestinal disorders (e.g., crohn’s disease, NAFLD), Nephrology, dermatology, mental health (e.g., ADHD, schizophrenia), and complementary and alternative medicines

Courses Taught

  • PCTH 7890 - Research Seminar I (Coursemaster)
  • PHARM 7566 - Systematic Review and Meta-analysis (Co-coursemaster with Dr. Joanne Lafleur)
  • PHARM 7854 - Project Practicum III (Coursemaster)
  • PHS 6865 - Global Health Policy


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