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Nathorn (Nui) Chaiyakunapruk Lab

Research theme

The Nathorn Chaiyakunapruk research team combines experience and expertise in evidence synthesis, health economics, and real-world data analysis to conduct research aimed at driving policy changes to improve patient outcomes. Research themes that the team is interested in include health technology assessment and health policy and system research. Our research encompasses broad areas ranging from infectious diseases, non-communicable diseases, community pharmacy, immunization program, complementary and alternative medicines, pharmacogenomics, and smoking cessation.


Health technology assessment

Health Economics - We utilize economic methods to evaluate the clinical, economic, and humanistic aspects of pharmaceutical products, services, and programs, as well as other health care interventions to provide health care decision-makers, providers and patients with information needed to efficiently allocate health care resources. Our team has an excellent record in undertaking economic evaluations on several topics including budget impact and value assessments for several stakeholders including industrial partners.

Real World Data Analysis – Real world data are health-related information reported and collected in real-world medical settings. We have conducted real-world analyses to generate evidence of health technology’s effectiveness, safety, and costs. These data fill knowledge gaps related to how a medicine is used in real-world medical settings. We also incorporate real world data into economic evaluations of health technologies to better inform decision-making.

Evidence Synthesis - Our team synthesizes evidence on the comparative effectiveness, safety, cost-effectiveness and value of preventive, treatment, and management measures to inform better decision-making for patients, providers, and policymakers. The utility of our outputs from these syntheses is judged not only by their underlying scientific rigor, but also by how well they fulfil the explicitly stated expectations of stakeholders, minimize real or perceived conflicts of interest, and clearly communicate the purpose. Our team has a proven track record on a wide range of topics supported by transparent and rigorous research methods including systematic reviews, scoping reviews, umbrella reviews, meta-analyses, and network meta-analyses.

Health policy and system research

Global Health – Global health focuses on improving health and achieving equity in health for all people worldwide. Global health is about worldwide health improvement, reduction of disparities, and protection against global threats. Global health is a major part of this research theme. We have developed evidence in various therapeutic areas of global health such as neglected tropical diseases (i.e. snakebite), HPV, RSV, PCV, and COVID-19, using our health technology assessment methodologies.

Health Equity - Health equity is achieved when every person has the opportunity to attain full health potential and no one is disadvantaged from achieving this potential because of social position or other socially determined circumstances. In recent years, we have geared our interest towards research related to health equity and health disparities. We are devoted to conduct research to inform development strategies to improve health disparities.’