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Typical Program of Study

Typical Program of Study

The objectives of the curriculum in the graduate program in Pharmacology and Toxicology are

  1. To provide a strong background in basic biomedical sciences that provides the underpinning for modern-day pharmacology and toxicology.
  2. To train students in the fundamental concepts of pharmacology and toxicology as a discipline.
  3. To facilitate more specialized training as needed for the dissertation research.

Coursework is normally completed during the first two years.


Second Year


    PHTX 7113; PHTX 7211; Statistics (BIO6500)

    Seminars PHTX 7890
    Journal Club 1 st-year rotation report seminar
    Begin Dissertation research  
    Coursework PHTX 7114; PHTX 7221; Statistics (PSY6250); elective
    Seminars PHTX 7890 
    Journal Club Abstracts for Prelim due April 30, schedule defense by end of June
    Dissertation research

    Oral Qualifying Exam

    Choose dissertation committee, prepare proposal

    Third Year

      Coursework/other PHTX 7890
      Dissertation research Fulfill teaching requirement
      Finish any core courses/electives  
      Seminars PHTX 7890
      Other Dissertation proposal seminar presentation
      Dissertation research Fulfill teaching requirement

      Fourth/Fifth Year


        PHTX 7890 

        Fulfill teaching requirement

        Seminar/Dissertation research Dissertation defense