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First and Second Year

Program of Study

Admission to the Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology Program is through the Biosciences Programs (Biological Chemistry or Molecular Biology), or the Neuroscience Program.

The following pertains to students who have formally entered the Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology in their second year. The Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology offers a Ph.D. program through the Graduate School of the University of Utah. 

The First Year is directed by the Biological Chemistry/Molecular Biology Combined Program or Neuroscience. Questions about the first year should be directed to the Biological Chemistry/Molecular Biology Office or Neuroscience Office.

Second Year

    Essentials of Pharmacology & Toxicology (PHTX 7113) 3 sem hrs
    Pharmacology I (PHTX 7211) 0-6 sem hrs
    Seminar (PHTX 7890) 1 sem hr
    Journal Club (PHTX 6710 or 6720) 0-1 sem hr
    †Statistics (MDCRC 6050, MBIOL 6490, PSY 6250, or BIOL 6500) 3 sem hrs
    *Research (PHTX 7920) 0-2 sem hr
    TOTAL 11 sem hrs
    Principles of Toxicology (PHTX 7114) 2 sem hrs
    Pharmacology II (PHTX 7221) 0-6 sem hrs
    Advanced PHTX Elective 2-3 sem hrs
    Seminar (PHTX 7890) 1 sem hrs
    †Statistics (PSY6250) 2 sem hr
    *Journal Club (PHTX 6710 or 6720) 1 sem hr
    *Research  (PHTX 7920) 0-3 sem hr
    TOTAL 11 sem hrs

    *The Journal Club for credit is required one semester but encouraged all semesters regardless of credit. Research hours will be variable depending on what other classes are offered.

     †One statistics class is required but depending on what classes are offered, there are statistics courses offered in both Fall and Spring semester that are acceptible.