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Bailey Miller

Bailey Miller

Assistant Research Professor of Medicinal Chemistry




  • B.S. 2009, Biopsychology, University of California Santa Barbara

  • Ph.D. 2016, Marine Chemical Biology, University of California San Diego

Research Interests

COP Schmidt Lab Bailey Miller

Antibiotics discovery from marine shipworm symbionts

Shipworms are wood-eating marine bivalves that host symbiotic bacteria in their gill tissues. These microbes provide the animal enzymes to help digest the lignocellulose from their woody diet and are also prolific producers of complex secondary metabolites. These molecules may play a role in protecting their host from infection by pathogens or in protecting their shared food resources from pathogens. My research focuses on isolating and characterizing these molecules as antibiotics that could be used for human health. Recent advances include the discovery of the turnercyclamycins, a new family of cyclic lipodepsipeptides with in vivo efficacy against Acinetobacter baumannii




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