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Faculty Mentor Resources

Mentor Program Overview and Goals

The College of Pharmacy Mentoring Committee chair and the Student Affairs Office staff assign entering P1 students to a respective faculty mentor to foster a mentor/mentee relationship during the four years of the professional program.  Faculty mentors advise students about a wide range of topics including the PharmD curriculum, co-curricular activities, testing, access to student services, and post-graduation plans, among other topics.   This structured individualized mentoring and career planning will assist students in choosing optimal didactic and experiential training to prepare each student for a successful and rewarding career in the pharmacy profession.

List of the Mentor Assignments

Professional Development Seminar Course Series

Student Mentoring Materials

Have a mentor meeting coming up? Find everything you will need by clicking on the year of the professional program that the student is in.

P1 Students

P2 Students

P3 Students

P4 Students

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Frequently Asked Questions

Online Mentor Checklist Form Instructional Video

Adjunct Faculty Database

Is your mentee interested in an area of pharmacy that is outside your area of expertise?  Utilize our adjunct faculty database to find someone in that field to refer your mentee.

Access the Adjunct Faculty Database