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Courses to Fulfill Elective Requirements

Courses to Fulfill Elective Requirements

The program requires one advanced pharmacology and toxicology course from the list below:

  • Analytical Toxicology (PHTX 7620; Spring*; 2 sem hr)
  • Mechanisms of Toxicology (PHTX 7630; Spring*; 2 sem hr)
  • Advances in Endocrine Pharmacology (PHTX 7100; Spring*, 2 sem hr)
  • Advanced Topics in Cardiovascular Pharmacology (PHTX 7410; Spring*; 2 sem hr)
  • Biochemical Mechanisms of Signal Transduction (PHTX 7500; Spring*; 2 sem hr)
  • Neuropharmacology (PHTX 7270; Spring*; 2 sem hr)
  • Advances in Neuropharmacology (PHTX 7280; Spring*; 2 sem hr)
  • Applied Genomics (PHTX 7777 & 7778; Spring; 1.5 sem hr each)

A course semester followed by an asterisk (e.g., Spring*) indicates that the course is not offered every year. Check the course catalog to determine the availability of the course or check with the course master to determine when it is to be offered.

Depending on the student's interests, other courses may be taken at any time. Some of the courses taken by graduate students in Pharmacology and Toxicology include:

  • Cell Biology II (H GEN 6481; Spring, 1.5 sem hr)
  • Neuroanatomy (ANAT 7710 / NEUSC 6060; yearly Fall; 3 sem hr)
  • Gene Expression (MBIOL 6440; yearly Fall; 1.5 sem hr)
  • Basic Immunology (PATH 7330; yearly Fall; 3 sem hr)
  • Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience (NEUSC 6040; yearly Fall; 4 sem hr)
  • Structural Methods (BLCHM 6430; Fall; 1.5 sem hr)