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Mission and Values


The Mission of the University of Utah College of Pharmacy is to:


Advance health care related to optimal medication outcomes through education and training.


Discover, develop and disseminate new biomedical knowledge and technology.


Provide pharmacy-based services and outreach activities to the community.


The University of Utah College of Pharmacy supports the missions of the University of Utah and the University of Utah Health Sciences Center.

Vision Statement

The Vision of the University of Utah College of Pharmacy is to become recognized globally as the premier college of pharmacy through inter-professional collaboration and interdisciplinary-based lifelong learning, research, and patient care.

Value Statement

Academic excellence will be pursued in an environment that respects the individual, instills integrity and professionalism, assures ethical behavior, promotes diversity, creates a desire for life-long learning, and recognizes the principle of academic freedom.

Sustaining Principles

To fulfill our Mission and achieve the objectives stated in our Vision, our Sustaining Principles are:

  1. Be at the forefront in education, research, and patient care.
  2. Employ interdisciplinary approaches in education, research, and patient care.
  3. Promote and model lifelong learning,  professionalism, and community service.
  4. Establish and implement an evaluation plan that will assess achievement of the mission and goals.

Goals of the Professional Curriculum

Prepare pharmacists in a research-intensive, academic health center to be exemplary professionals who enable progress in healthcare by incorporating biomedical research advances into practice, serve as medication experts, and who advocate for and defend the public health.

To educate and train clinical-scientists and clinician-educators to be effective leaders in academic pharmacy.

Outcomes of the Professional Curriculum

College of Pharmacy Ability Based Outcomes

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan