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Ph.D. degree program

The Department of Molecular Pharmaceutics offers a Ph.D. degree program through the Graduate School of the University of Utah. The program seeks to prepare graduate students to function independently, competently and technically in a variety of settings including academic, research, administrative, business management, legal, regulatory and investment career tracks. This goal is accomplished through formal didactic courses, seminars and journal clubs, laboratory research rotations, and dissertation research. Every attempt is made by the faculty to help the student complete the program in a timely fashion. Typically, students graduate within 5 years of entering the program, although the nature of some projects and approaches requires a longer time commitment for full completion of the disseration work.

Chair's Philosophy: The pursuit of a Ph.D. degree is a transient, temporary intensive professional training experience to be pursued and completed as directly and expediently as possible. As such it is neither a vocation nor a job. The doctoral experience is expected to be enriching and rigorous; the doctoral student is expected to be productive, professional and efficient. Financial support provided to each student is at the discretion of specific faculty advisor with specific technical objectives, deliverables and intellectual products anticipated and expected. This student-advisor relationships is augmented by fulfilling the formal didactic training components and by the input of the student's doctoral supervisory committee.