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Ph.D. Requirements Timeline

Summary Calendar for Completing PhD Requirements in Molecular Pharmaceutics

***This is intended as a guide.  Refer to department Graduate Student Handbook for official information and details.***



    7010 (1.5 CR)

    Fall Semester (flexible)

    7011 (3 CR)

    Spring Semester (flexible)

    7020 (4 CR)

    Spring Semester (flexible)

    7021 (2 CR)

    Fall Semester (flexible)

    7030 (2 CR)

    Fall Semester (flexible)

    7040 (3 CR)

    Fall Semester (flexible)

    7975 Journal Club (1 CR ea. Semester)

    Fall and Spring Semesters

    Attend departmental seminar

    Every Monday at 4:00pm




    Form Committee (5 total, majority from PPC, at least 1 from other department)

    a. Submit "Request for Supervisory Committee" form (signed by committee) to Graduate School and Department

    As soon as possible.  Could start w/ 2-3 members, & add others later

    a. Submit after committee membership is finalized

    Electives: ≥ 4 classes AND ≥ 8 credit hours

    Fall and Spring Semesters (flexible)

    7975 Journal Club

    Fall and Spring Semesters

    Comprehensive Exam

    a. Notify coordinator of intention to take exam

    Within 6 months of completing core courses. 10 days (arranged by coordinator), offered 2 times/year (at end of fall and spring semesters) 

    a. One month before end of semester preceding exam

    Attend departmental seminar

    Every Monday at 4:00pm



    Preliminary Exam:

    a. Form Committee (if not already done)

    b. Write proposal/make presentation

    c. Set Date with Committee

    d. Give practice exam to lab mates etc

    e. Send announcement to department

    f. Give proposal to committee & department

    g. Submit "Report of Qualifying Examination" form (signed by committee) to department

    h. Submit revisions to committee and department

    Within 1 year from passing Comprehensive

    a. Within 30 days of comprehensive

    b. After comprehensive

    c. After formation of committee

    d. At least 1 week before exam

    e. At least 1 week before exam

    f. At least 1 week before exam

    g. As soon as committee signs

    h. 3 weeks from receiving summary

    Present First of 3 Departmental Seminars: (1 can be replaced by poster/podium at a national conference or two poster/podium at a local/regional conference)

    As assigned

    Complete Department's teaching assistant requirement

    ≥ 1 semesters in a Pharm.D. or graduate course as assigned by Department

    Attend departmental seminar

    Every Monday at 4:00pm



    Present 2 nd Departmental Seminar: (3 rd can be podium or poster session at national meeting)

    As assigned

    Supervisory Committee Meetings

    ≥ 1 per/year

    Submit "Program of Study" form to Graduate School and Department (signed by Committee members and the graduate student advisor).

    Must be submitted to Graduate School at least two months before the semester of graduation.

    Submit 2 First-author Articles (each PI may have additional requirements)

    Before submission of Defense Clearance Form to graduate advisor

    Attend departmental seminar

    Every Monday at 4:00pm

    Dissertation Defense. Style Handbook for Dissertations and Thesis

    Important Dates for PhD students

    a. Write dissertation

    b. Have PI review dissertation

    c. Submit draft to thesis editor's office for style/accuracy check

    d. Complete official Defense Clearance Form

    e. Submit defense clearance form and sealed official transcript to graduate advisor for review

    f. After graduate advisor AND department chair sign clearance form, arrange date

    g. Submit Spiral-bound dissertation to committee and graduate secretary

    h. Announce dissertation

    i. Defend dissertation

    j. Submit revised dissertation to chair of committee (and any committee members who wish to see your revisions)

    k. Submit "Report of Final Oral Examination" form to Graduate School and department (signed by committee members)

    l. Submit "Supervisory Committee Approval" (multiple copies signed by Committee members) and "Final Reading Approval" (signed by chair of committee) forms and final dissertation to department chair

    m. Submit "Supervisory Committee Approval" and Final Reading Approval (signed by chair of committee and department chair) forms and final dissertation to thesis office to check format

    n. Make 3 copies and submit to thesis office for dissertation release (other copies may be required by PI)

    Within 7 years from start of program (5 if entered with Masters)

    a. Takes longer than you expect!

    b. Arrange with PI

    c. Provide enough time to receive feedback (check online for dates)

    d. Defense Clearance Form

    e. By appointment

    f. At least 2 weeks before defense

    g. At least 2 weeks before defense

    h. Arranged between you and committee

    i. Allow at least 2 weeks for review

    j. Allow at least 2 weeks for review

    k. Supervisory Committee Approval

    l. Check deadlines for graduating in the desired semester before leaving

    Return all intellectual property and keys to advisor.  Properly dispose of, or identify and pass to advisor, any hazardous material/chemical

    Before leaving

    Return informational exit form to department

    Before leaving