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Clinical Innovation Fellowship

Clinical Innovation Fellowship

This clinical fellowship is designed to provide graduates with the skills and experiences to excel in ambulatory care clinical practice, practice implementation/development, research/scholarship, and teaching/academia. Founded in 2020, this fellowship involves partnerships with the University of Utah College of Pharmacy, third-party payers, and private practice sectors to provide opportunities to provide innovative ambulatory care pharmacist services in novel settings.

Fellowship Length: 1 year (Summer to Summer)

Pre-Requisites: Completion of a PGY1 residency with experiences in the ambulatory care setting

Application Instructions: If interested, please email the fellowship directors and include a CV, letter of intent, and two letters of recommendation with one letter being from a residency director/supervisor.

Objectives (adaptable based on fellow’s interest)

  • Establish ambulatory care pharmacy services at a large multi-specialty clinic and through this gain experience in ambulatory care pharmacy and practice development/innovation.

  • Determine/describe the value of pharmacy services in the ambulatory care setting by collecting data before and during implementation of comprehensive medication management (CMM).

  • Gain competence in the four pillars of academia including scholarship and publication, ambulatory care practice, professional and community service, and teaching via course administration, lecture development and facilitation.




    • Novel clinical practice development (~3 days/week)
    • Longitudinal practice development experience at Westridge Clinic primary care (~1 day/week)
    • Practice development toolkit development/maintenance


    • Assess value of clinical pharmacy services (new or continued project)
    • Submit at least 1 grant proposal
    • Conduct 1 primary research project, concluding with poster and manuscript submission
    • Give 1 state-level CE presentation
    • Give 1 College of Pharmacy presentation on research project(s)


    • Longitudinal small-group facilitator of pharmacy student laboratory course
    • Deliver 3 College of Pharmacy lectures
    • Westridge Clinic precepting of APPE students (continuous) + WRC rotation planning for student/resident (later in year)

    Professional Development

    • Participate in 2 meaningful development programs that correspond to one of the 4 pillars of academia. Examples include:
    • AACP - Teacher Seminar
    • Educational scholarship course
    • Biostatistics course
    • University professional development courses
    • Leadership courses (eg, ABP, RLI)
    • GRAs (grant writing)
    • Other requirements
    • Attend 1-2 national conferences
    • Attend University of Utah Academy of Health Science Educators Symposium
    • Leadership discussions with fellowship directors


    • Create 2 national presentation submissions
    • Complete 1-2 other small-scale projects
    • Draft and submit a total of 3 different manuscript submissions 


    • Co-coursemaster/module leader experience (teaching administration)


    • Participate on formal College committee
    • Utah Pharmacy Association (UPhA) / Utah Society of Health-System Pharmacists (UHSP) service
    • National organizational committees
    • Precepting Maliheh and/or Midvale free clinics
    • Student organization precepting

    Contact Us

    Kyle Turner, PharmD, BCACP

    Clinical Innovation Fellowship Co-Director
    Assistant Professor (Clinical), University of Utah College of Pharmacy
    Clinical Pharmacist, University of Utah Health


    Nick Cox, PharmD, BCACP

    Clinical Innovation Fellowship Co-Director
    Assistant Professor (Clinical), University of Utah College of Pharmacy
    Clinical Pharmacist, University of Utah Health


    Erin Gurney, PharmD

    Current Fellow


    Past Fellowship Recipients

    Shannon Gadd, PharmD

    Position upon graduation: Clinical Pharmacist (Ambulatory Care), Granger Medical