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Fellowships In Outcomes Research

Fellowships In Outcomes Research

The Pharmacotherapy Outcomes Research Center (PORC) based at the University of Utah College of Pharmacy provides a 2 year post-doctoral fellowship in Outcomes Research and Pharmacoeconomics.

Th fellowship program is designed to:

  • Educate the fellow on outcomes research principles and applications, and their use in evaluating health care products and services;
  • Provide experience in designing research studies which examine economic, clinical and humanistic outcomes
  • Provide training and experience necessary for the fellow to practice outcomes research in a pharmaceutical company, academic institution, managed care

The fellow will gain these skills through direct participate in all areas of PORC research projects. These activities include research question and hypothesis generation, research proposal development, data collection and management, development of data and statistical analysis plans, data analysis, project management, and generation of reports, presentations, and manuscripts. In the beginning of the program, the fellow will work under the direct supervision of faculty and second year fellows. As the fellow progresses through the program, he or she will be expected to demonstrate independence in developing and completing research related activities. It is expected that through project involvement, the fellow will present at least one abstract at a national meeting, such as AMCP, ASHP or ISPOR, and submit at least two manuscripts for journal publication from work completed during fellowship.

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