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Financial Aid and Scholarships

In 2018, the College of Pharmacy provided $546,400 in student scholarships.


Current Scholarships

    The Dean's Top Ten Scholarship is offered to students who achieve application scores in the top ten of the incoming PharmD class. Recipients of this scholarship will be notified by the College of Pharmacy when their program acceptance letter is offered.

    For P2-P4 students, the College of Pharmacy offers a variety of scholarships. Applications are distributed to student mail boxes the spring semester of each year.

    The Non-Resident Scholarship is awarded to the 10 highest ranked, out-of-state students in the top 50% of the applicant pool.

    The reimbursement covers the difference between nonresident and resident tuition and fee costs during your first year in the PharmD program. Recipients are expected to establish Utah state residency after successfully passing 40 credit hours in our PharmD program, which would generally occur at the end of their first professional year. The award is subject to a pay-back agreement should the student not be able, or chooses not to complete their PharmD degree.

    frequently asked questions

      All scholarship funds will be disbursed through your tuition account at the beginning of each term or when funds are received. Funds are first used to cover charges, then any remaining funds will be refunded to the student.

      Students may receive multiple scholarships, provided that no more than one is a tuition waiver.

      Scholarship recipients will be notified of their award offer 1-2 months following the respective scholarship deadline.

      Graduate School Loans for all University of Utah Graduate Students who qualify

      Stafford Unsubsidized

      Interest begins to accrue with the first disbursement of your loan. This loan has a 6 month grace period to start paying back the loan after you graduate or after you fall below half-time enrollment. The maximum amount Pharmacy students can borrow for the academic year is $33,000.

      Current Interest Rate Information

      Graduate Plus Loan

      Interest will accrue with the first disbursement of your loan. There is no borrowing limit but you cannot go over your cost of attendance. Must request this loan through the University of Utah Financial Aid office, the form can be found on their website: There is a 60 day grace period to start paying back the loan after you graduate or after you fall below half-time enrollment. NOTE: Graduate PLUS is based on credit, unlike Perkins or Stafford loans, and you must pass a credit background check.

      Current Interest Rate Information

      Graduate School Loans for all University of Utah Pharmacy Students who qualify

        5% interest rate, which does not accrue while you are in school. This loan is based on need and it has a 12 month grace period. You must set up a time to meet with Shana Yem, Program Manager – Professional Schools, in the Financial Aid Office to talk about the requirements of this loan. Funds are limited, and awards are made on a first-come, first-serve basis.

        Shana Yem is available to meet with you one-on-one to talk to you about any financial aid questions you might have. If you would like to set up an appointment time with her please call the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office at (801) 581-6211.

        For general information about how to apply for federal aid, please contact the University Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.

        Phone: (801) 581-6211
        Email: or

        Pharmacy students in need of financial aid may obtain emergency loans from the College at no interest. Application may be made at any time. Students should contact the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs for more information.