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Congratulations on being offered a seat here at the University of Utah College of Pharmacy!

The full deposit amount required is $500.00. To hold your seat in this class, please pay this deposit within two weeks of receiving your acceptance notification. The $500.00 deposit is nonrefundable; however, it will be applied to your Fall Semester tuition. You may pay the required deposit with either a credit card, a cashier's check, a personal check, or a money order.

If an applicant chooses to pay with a credit card:

There will be a nonrefundable processing fee. Total payment for the partial initial deposit will be $510.

If an applicant chooses to pay the deposit by check or money order:

Make the check payable to the College of Pharmacy and send it to the Admissions Committee, Attn: Student Affairs, College of Pharmacy, 30 South 2000 East, 105 L.S. Skaggs Jr. Research Building, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT 84112.

We also require you to undergo a background check. Upon our receipt of your deposit, Certiphi Screening Inc. will be notified and subsequently procure a national background check in your name. To facilitate this process, you will be contacted directly by Certiphi Screening Inc. through the preferred email address you provided on your PharmCAS application. Please respond to all requests in a timely manner. Further information regarding background checks can be found at

Online Security Deposit Payment